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How did the democrats take control of both the house and senate AFTER John Kerry's idiotic remarks?

Asked by jlittle (14points) November 10th, 2006
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By having postions and candidates that the people liked better than the Republican candidates and positions. John Kerry was not running for elective office, and most voters were smart enough to see that.
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Well, as much I'd like to think that people were excited about the Dem. party... I think this election was much more about people's weariness about Bush and Iraq.
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No, they weren't excited about the Dem. party since their only campaigning platform seemed to be "We're Not Bush". I think it is true that people are angry about the war & feel lied to as well as the fact that the Repub. party has been in charge of the Legislature for over 10 years now & they don't see them doing anything really substantial. Between all the scandals, people pulling stupid stunts and a lack of anything really meaningful happening (in some people's eyes), they wanted to send a message. Much as they did in 1994 when the Repubs. took over after 40 years of Dem. legislative control.
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Kerry's comments were lost in the avalanche of election week sloganeering. What is MORE interesting, to me, is trying to decide if Karl Rove's much vaunted October Surprise was the conviction of Saddam Hussein. Also lost in the avalanche, it shows how little voters cared about these superficial (to anyone but Saddam, that is) political moves at the end of the campaign.
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Kerry wasn't running in this election, making his comments irrelevant.
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they were taken out of context... he has more respect for the troops than most leaders in washington. sending troops to iraq and knowing that the US was being deceived isn't very respectful to our troops. kerry was a soldier.. his comment was aimed at Bush's stupidity.
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when in doubt, vote for the 'outs'

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