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What Job Should I Take?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) June 16th, 2008

I’ve been on the job hunt for a year. I moved to the DC area and was offered a very good job for a small commercial printing as the Prepress Manager/Graphic designer. After I accepted the offer I was approached from a very prestigious company to work in a entry level position as a Production Specialist. It wasn’t an offer, so I started the other job. First day in and the prestigious company offers me the job. I hoping to find someone in the field with more experience who could give me some advice. What’s better for my future? A job with a small company where I get solid experience in design and prepress, or a job that looks unbelievable on my resume?

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It depends on what your long-term goals are. Is pre-press important to them? What are your professional goals and qualifications? What path for advancement does each company have? What is the work environment of each place like? Where did you feel more at home? How important is each of those factors to you personally? Was there a difference in the benefits package? Did the larger company, for example, offer a 401K or other retirement plan? What about vacation, medical benefits, education benefits?

Create a chart and rank each company for these and other factors that are important, and then make a decision.

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I would look at it as which one can I move up the best. Also do I like the people i am working for now or are the other people easier to get along with. AND how much money is involved now and in the future between the two. Hope this helps break it down for you.

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working for a larger company might have some benefit advantages but will likely have more nonsense to conquor. You will almost assuredly have more opportunities to obtain a holistic printing background at the small house. And the title “production specialist” reeks of kinko’s to me and I can tell you from personal experience to stay far away from that place. Feel free to PM me for more.

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“A job with a small company where I get solid experience in design and prepress, or a job that looks unbelievable on my resume?” I vote for the former; your solid experience in your areas of interest and expertise will, I am sure, enable you to do really well on your next job search. And you did accept job #1, even for a day. Your employers have made a commitment to you.

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