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Real world Lexapro experiences?

Asked by iriemuffin (219points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I have been prescribed this for anxiety disorder. What are some experiences females who have taken this have had with it? Good? Bad? Side effects?

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I took it for two days and threw up the pill each time. So that was that. I am currently happy w. a low dose of Zoloft. Every body is different and finding the right anti-anxiety or other psychotropic med. is a matter of art and not science.

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I was on Lexapro, I gained weight and it really didn’t seem to help much. I am currently on Prozac, it seems to be doing the trick and I haven’t gained any weight. The best recommendation I can make is that you see a psychiatrist rather than a general practitioner.

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Well first I tried Prozac, and had a negative reaction that made me sleep 18 hours a day. Then I tried Wellbutrin, and had a negative reaction that caused me to develop a stutter. Finally I tried Lexapro, I think I was on 30mg, and it was wonderful. I was quesy the first week, but after that it was great. I was on it off and on for about 3 years, and the only bad part was that I gained about 10lbs, which came off as soon as I stopped. Also very few withdrawl symptoms coming off, even the one time I quit cold turkey.

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Thanks for the info! I was very nauseous after the first dose. Kind of felt like I took a hit of acid (old days). I hope that feeling wears off. Did anyone take this for anxiety rather than depression?

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I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety

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