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Say you're American and your partner is Canadian, and you want to get married, which country would you live in and why?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) June 6th, 2013

Canada or the U.S.? Give me your reasons. Where in either country would you like to live?

I’ve livin’ that situation right now. If I had my way, we’d live in Canada.

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I’d live in the US because of the greater diversity in climate.

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No contest, Canada…it’s basically America without the brashness.

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I’d probably want to stay in the US.
Like every time I’ve gone north I became deathly ill so I don’t know if it’s the weather up there or what but my body doesn’t like it or something.

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Summer in the high Canadian Rockies near Banff or Glacier National Park (have a couple of horses!) and winter on the coast of California somewhere between Monterey and San Louis Obispo, maybe around Mavericks (surf and sail the coast!). Every once in a while, spend Christmas in our cozy Canadian cabin. Canada is a really fine country, much more sensible politically and I like the Canadians I’ve met, so I could easily elect to live there full time if my wife twisted my arm—maybe on that wild, beautiful coast in BC. But in that case, I would have to keep a winter cottage on Sanibel Island, Florida, for total contrast.

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Canada of course. Superior in every way.

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@Espiritus_Corvus has a great idea bi-national. If you can work out the logistics that could be great.

Personally I think I could live easily in some parts of British Columbia.

If I were in a relationship faced with this question it would come down to some considerations of work opportunities and what kinds of places both of us would like to live.

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Canada because we are nicer. :P

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I did actually think about this, but I do not have a significant other.
I would move to Canada, because I’d want to experience a different country. You wouldn’t have to give up U.S. citizenship per se, you could get dual citizenship. I’d like to live in Canada; preferable Quebec or Toronto. Canada seems like an overall cool (in every sense of the adjective) country. I like to think of Canada as the U.S.‘s cool, phlegmatic older brother.

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You cannot get married in the US or be able to get a marriage visa. Canada all the way.

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Canada so if you get sick you can see a doctor.

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Tiny, maybe I could convince her to move to B.C..

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Canada. My marriage would not exist in most U.S. states. My diabetes and trans care would be so much cheaper in Canada. I’ve heard very good things about both Québec and Toronto, but I’ve not been anywhere in Canada, so I’m not really sure where I would want to end up.
Also it would mean I might get to hang out with Symbeline sometime.

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I’ve never been to Canada, but it would get my vote if it wasn’t so damn cold. South Carolina Summers are brutally humid and hot, which I hate, but I simply don’t do below freezing temperatures.

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@livelaughlove21 British Columbia has dry, mild temperatures for the most part.

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Canada. So you can get married. I’m a bit biased since Canada is at the top of my ‘must-see’ list.

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@Bellatrix Aren’t you coming this way this summer? Or was it fall?

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@Mama_Cakes Oooo, pretty.

Ugh, the US sucks.

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I am! I’m going to be there in July-August. So excited. :D I’m going all over the place too!

Can you organise the wedding very quickly so I can be a flowergirl?

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Ha! I love to have you as my flower girl!

What provinces are you hitting?

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Oh god… I can’t even say them let alone spell them! You guys are as bad as the Welsh and you use initials and totally confuse me.

Vancouver, Calgary up through Jasper and Banff (in whatever order), Edmonton and Regina, then hopefully over to near Winnepeg, then Toronto, then I really want to try to get to Montreal and Quebec. Be a flying trip and we’ll drive some and fly other legs. So… I don’t know which provinces that is but I think it’s about seven??

I’m still organising.

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May be too much, but I live three hours from Toronto. Perhaps, N and I could meet you?

By too much, I mean, you may not have the time to get together (with your busy schedule and all). We could take a drive to Toronto, though.

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I’d love that! We’re definitely going to be there. I’ll send you contact info when we ‘land’. I think we’ll need to get a phone for while we’re there.

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Let me know roughly when you’ll be in that area and I’ll see if N and I can meet ya down there. :)

Keep in touch!

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Canada, for sure. The healthcare alone is reason enough!

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Maybe Canada, never been there before.

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Canada for sure. I love cold weather, the politics are not quite as irritating and they actually care about hockey. I love living in cities, so it would have to be in one of them; just not Toronto. Not because there’s anything wrong with the city per say, but just because Leaf fans are incredibly annoying. I could see Vancouver or Calgary for the proximity of the mountains or Ottawa for the proximity to Algonquin Provincial Park.

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@Bellatrix Are you hitting up Calgary for the Stampede? We don’t go as much as we used to when we first got together. It’s a huge tourist attraction though. Jasper and Banff are beautiful… I haven’t made it to Banff this year yet. We go at least once a year. Edmonton… well, it’s our mortal enemy (hockey) not much nice to say about that grimy place, tee hee. Oh, and I’m Calgarian (my family, on my mother’s side, is a centennial family here!).

@Mama_Cakes I would love… love… to live in BC. My partner would need extra schooling though, for her career. She’s a psychologist; in BC, a PHD is required for her to be one there. We so can’t afford that at the moment.

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@zenvelo I know Canada is reputed for its harsh Viking style Winters, and that is true. But we get 100% of all other three seasons, in full. I’ve lived in Manitoba and Québec, and as cold as our Winters are, the Summers are hot as shit. And there’s definitely Autumn and Spring. I don’t know what it’s like in the US for seasons, but don’t assume Canada doesn’t have climate diversity. if you ask me, we have too much, I just want Winter.

Not American, but I’m answering anyways. I’d stay in Canada, because I’ve lived here most of my life and I love it. Maybe other countries might be better, who knows. But I see absolutely no reason to get out of here. Of course, that would also depend on my partner. If they were American and felt the same about America, don’t know how we would work it out. I’d love to visit the states, but although I wasn’t born in Canada, I consider it my home, and leaving would suck. I could get used to living in the US though, as Canadian and American cultures are very similar, I guess. Again, my lover and I would have to discuss it, and both of us would have to agree on one decision. move to Norway

@Bellatrix ye’d best come visit me. :)

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I’d go to Canada if we could both get jobs there. Otherwise I’d go somewhere further south and enjoy less than 6 months of winter (NYer here… very close to Canada).

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