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Who should replace Tim Russert as the Meet the Press moderator?

Asked by lefteh (9429points) June 16th, 2008

I’m pulling for David Gregory myself. I love Chuck Todd, but I don’t think he has the je ne sais quoi needed to host such a high-intensity program.

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George Bush will need a job.

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That’s a tough one. I think that it will be David Gregory, but he has some really big shoes to fill. I’m sure they probably have a succession plan in place for all of the major news anchors. So very sad by this news.

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As am I, Curious.
Tim will be missed.
And you bring up a good point, I didn’t think of the possibility of a preexisting line of succession.

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I have been wondering that myself and after all the reviews of what a great man Tim was it seems an impossible task.

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Russert is irreplaceable, he was really the only real journalist left in America. It would tarnish the legacy of Meet the Press to put any of the other posers remaining as host of the show. Wait, that’s it! They should just rename the show “Meet the Posers” and just draw straws for choosing a host.

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Gwen Eiffel. She might have to leave her position at The News Hour, but she could probably still host Washington Week in Review.

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What about Olbermann? Do you think NBC would consider him? I like him, but I am not sure he has the respect across the board (democrats, republicans, etc) that Russert had to be a success on that show.

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@Breedmitch: I don’t think there’s any way in hell that NBC is going to go outside of the network.

@Les: I love Olbermann, but as you said, I don’t think he would be taken seriously across the board due to his partisanship on the Countdown. Russert, even though he was liberal himself, was an unbiased and impartial journalist. I think it would be hard to perceive Olbermann as objective.

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@lefteh: Yeah but she already has a long history with the show. Care to place a bet?

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Yeah, she has a history with the show, but the fact remains that NBC will never go outside the network for this spot. It’s their flagship political show, and whoever hosts it is the face of NBC politics. I really don’t think they’ll go outside the network for two reasons: firstly, it’s too prestigious of a chair within the organization; secondly, they have an amazing selection of candidates that are already within the organization.

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Gwen Eiffel is very good! I enjoy her.

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I’ll vote for Luke Russert.

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