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What do you think about this situation pertaining to a $500 OFF coupon?

Asked by gondwanalon (20744points) June 6th, 2013

I had an estimate done to install 800 square feet of paving stones in our yard around our house from a local paving stone company. The estimate was nearly $10,000. It sounded good enough especially since I had a coupon from that company for ”$500 off on any project greater than 200 square feet”. But when I showed the coupon to the woman who did the estimate she said, “Oh, I have already taken the $500 off the estimate”. But on the agreement/estimate that was presented to me, there was no indication of the $500 deduction.

This really bugs my wife as she loves to use coupons. But I’m very willing to just let it go. It is a good deal with or without the coupon especially with the great quality of workmanship. And the estimate is the lowest that I’ve found.

What do you think?

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Get another estimate of two to prove it’s the lowest offer in the area and forget about the coupon. Maybe she took it off and maybe she didn’t. You’ll never know.

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I would call them on it and see if they will at least split the difference. Coupons are pretty much a scam to get traffic in the construction trades.

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Unless the woman with whom you were speaking is the owner of the company, you should go around her and deal directly with the owner. Let him know that you find this questionable at best and downright deceptive at worst and you don’t appreciate chintzy tactics like this. This has the questionable odor of the infamous “bait and switch” deal. They should be willing to straight-up honor their coupon offers or just stop using the coupons altogether.

Ask the owner if this is how he instructs his employees to deal with this issue and see what he says. It may be a commonly used tactic in this industry but that doesn’t make it right. It makes one wonder what else they’re being deceptive about.

If you’re willing to shell out major bucks like that, the owner should be bending over backwards to make certain that you’ll be a satisfied customer.

In my opinion, for the amount of money youll be spending, you’re being way too easygoing about their shady way of doing things. What else are they being shady about ?

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I you had never previously mentioned the coupon, then it would seem suspiciously like they’re blowing you off; however, if they did know that you have the coupon, it is possible that they’ve already applied the discount.

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Get at least three estimates before you have any work done. That way you can compare and see if they are telling you the truth.

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I agree that you should speak to the owner. If the coupon is not indicated on the estimate, then to me, it’s not been credited.

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$500 out of $10,000 is 5%. You can probably bargain down any other contractor more than that yourself.

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To me it’s one of those “choose your battles” situations.
If you feel like your getting a good deal even without the coupon, I’d just let it go.

It’s like being in a restaurant….. The food is ok. It’s edible but not outstanding.
Do you just eat it? Or send it back and risk pissing of the chef? lol

If you feel that it’s a fair estimate and it’s the best one you’ve gotten, just go with it.

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