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LGBT jellies, do you have a type that you're normally attracted to?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11154points) June 6th, 2013

Question is just for fun.

For me, I find that I’m attracted to femme looking women with butch mannerisms. This describes my partner. Make-up or not, she’s not sporty. Just a natural beauty which tomboyish type mannerisms.

She can get dirty (I’ll get dirty with her haha) or dress up.

She is an artist, a musician, and loves science (a mensa woman). Perfect woman for me. And, she’s a bit crazy with a wicked sense of humour.

I haven’t seen in her in awhile, can’t ya tell? lol

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I’m not a lesbian but I am bisexual. My type of woman is the type of woman I would probably marry or lust after if I was a man….

But for my personal aesthetics, I’m really into feminine women. Soft curves, full lips, all natural curves. A sweet voice. Big boobs, narrow waist, and nice butt and thighs. Definitely not into skinny stick figure 9 yr old boy type of women. The most attractive body types for a woman to me is hourglass. Like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, and MONICA BELLUCCI. Sexy, all natural, feminine.

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I also love really feminine women. I tend to fall for girls who are a little on the chubby side, but most of the women I’ve dated have been very tall and slender. I have a strange soft spot for… ditzy behavior. It’s hard to explain because it has to be just right. I don’t like people who play dumb, but I love women that I can teach a lot of things to. I don’t know if that makes sense. I just know it when I see it.
Of course I have been interested in women that don’t fit that mold, but I think it’s my most basic and unwavering “type.”

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I’m bi, or at least I’m pretty sure I am, never been with another woman before. But I find myself attracted to the sporty types, who are all fit, and hyper all the time. Lol. I guess opposites attract, as I’m the complete opposite of that. They’re the ones I find the sexiest in both body and personality. Personality, at least as far as I can stereotypically tell.
I wonder though, like if I all of a sudden I went to the gym daily and worked out and ate properly, and became that type of person, would I still be attracted to them? my guess is, prolly

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I tend to go for the more effeminate submissive-type guys. I never imagined it would be that way when I was younger; I never pictured myself as being the more “manly” one in the relationship, but that seems to be how it’s been going. That’s only in terms of their personality, though. In terms of looks, I like thin athletic guys who probably in some ways resemble me. At least, I often try to look like what I’m attracted to.

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Goodness, I sat here for quite some time, trying to figure this out. I left it… thought about it some more, I’m still not entirely sure. I’ve only been with one woman (my current partner). She has dark brown skin and black (well, going silvery) hair. She is tiny. She’s somewhat feminine but not butch in the least. She doesn’t like to show much skin. We are exactly the same height. She has a cute button nose and cute little ears. She is intelligent but not super intelligent. We can have really good intelligent discussions but she can’t seem to get into the more complex stuff that I do. She is very compassionate and kind. She makes me feel special for even the little things in life. She isn’t sporty or outdoorsy at all. I have to force her to go camping, cycling… she will not swim. She isn’t very artistic or creative. She is quite gullible. She’s usually well liked with whomever she deals with.

We are very opposite in leisurely interests, yet similar in the psychological sense.

She brings home most of our income and keeps us on track for spending. I take care of everything else. I am the fixer and cleaner of things in our home. I do all the yard work (and shovelling in the winter). Neither of us drink alcohol or party.

Hmm, well these are the common aspects in women who give me pause:
Genuine smile
Good hygiene
Dark skin or really fair skin
Small/short faces
Short to medium length hair
Darker hair tones
Small body (not specifically athletic, skinny or bony… just little).
A nice rounded bottom (I do like me some booty!)
Big eyes
Somewhat feminine (not butch)
Naturally luscious lips
Looks good in a pair of Levis!

What this all means… I don’t really know. Some celebrities I think are gorgeous are: Hale Berry, Shelley Conn, Hilary Swank, Milla Jovovich, Sarah Shahi, Salma Hayek, Lisa Rani Ray, Liesha Hailey, and Nneka Lucia Egbuna.

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I’ve never been with a woman, nor fallen in love with a woman, but I would say that I’m attracted to a person before a gender.

If we’re going for pure aesthetics: I’m attracted to soft – but healthy – bodies. Strong is good, chiseled isn’t. High cheekbones, big eyes – dark eyed. Dark hair, usually, though I do have a thing for gingers. Longish hair. Full lips. All of this goes for both men and women, actually.

More importantly than aesthetics, I like someone who can hold a conversation, who balances my utter weirdness, who is a little bit dominant without being overbearing. I like artistic and musical types who are still intelligent, and who help me to forget to be so damn boring all the time. ^_^

Favorite hot celebrity chicks: Olivia Wilde, Sara Ramirez, Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Asin

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I find all kinds of guys physically attractive, but it’s the sensitive submissive fem ones who can steal my heart. Sassy and feminine without being total homonormative flamer stereotypes. If they’re an intellectual or artistic, it’s all over. It took me a long time to figure this out, but I can see now that it all started with Rufus Wainwright, lmao.

On the rare occasions when it’s a woman making my knees buckle, she is tall, has dark or red hair, and a dominant personality ;)

In anyone, intelligence, wit, and kindness turn me on a lot.

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I love reading these and you being so open. :) Makes my heart sing with joy!

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Forgot to add, I love a curvy woman!

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Bisexual here. My taste in women is similar to yours, I like natural pretty women who look like they could beat the shit out of me if they wanted to! My ultimate female fantasy is Julie Graham (she’s Scottish as well so she could definitely beat the shit our of me).

As for men, I don’t really have a specific type for men. All the men I have been attracted to have been so different, the only theing they have had in common is that they were all at least 15 years older than me!

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Is it weird that I don’t really have a type? People of all genders, and of all physical varieties can be very attractive to me. If I had to pick one physical thing to focus on, it’d be the eyes. Doesn’t matter what color or shape, but I want to feel like you’re really seeing me when you look at me. And that I’m seeing inside your soul (for lack of a better word) when I look in them. Not every person I’ve dated has had that, but the ones I instantly lust after all do.

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I feel @augustlan‘s response, but I’ll add the smile. I want a smile that makes me smile. One that warms the heart. A smile that takes up more than the whole face. A smile from the soul.

But boy oh boy does @Seek_Kolinahr have a good answer!!

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I’m on vacation and Internet is scarce. So this will be extremely short.

I like almost all men, but muscular men with a bit of fur really make me hot.

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I can’t really say I don’t have a type, I just have so many different types it just seems like I don’t have any. I tend towards the more feminine side of both genders; women with big soft curves, men who are more androgynous or fem. But I also like athletic too. I like this and this and this and this and this

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