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Why aren't my Bamboos growing?

Asked by Headhurts (4492points) June 9th, 2013

We planted Bamboos in the garden about 4 ish years ago now. We planted them down the side of the fence and across the top. The ones at the side are beautiful, nice and big and bushy. The ones along the top are still very small and almost twig like.

I just don’t understand why, any idea please?

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Is there anything different about the soil between the locations. Also bamboo likes a lot of water. My back yard was intended to just have a patch, and I used a container (a buried bathtub) but it escaped and now has completely taken over the garden and invaded my neighbors yards.

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You planted bamboo on top of a fence?

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@majorrich Along the top of the garden the soil is a lot more drier and ‘rougher’, they look like they were only planted a few week ago. Also, weeds grow a lot more there as well. Down the side they are huge.

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Bamboo likes a lot of water, but not to be standing in it. My bamboo didn’t come in real good for a season or two. Now I have thirty foot stalks that are only a month old. .

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@Headhurts Weeds can change the pH of the soil. You might need to pull them and lay some topsoil. You might want to take a soil sample to your local cooperative extension or university.

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@Cupcake Thanks for that. I think you might be spot on there.

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