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Do any of you have a lucky charm? And if so, what is it?

Asked by AstroChuck (37543points) June 16th, 2008

And I don’t mean the “magically delicious” kind.
I’m don’t consider myself to be superstitious but I must admit I always have two items with me. One is my lucky $1 Sacajawea coin and the other is this oriental health charm that looks like a chinese yuan (with the square hole in the middle). I never go anywhere without them.

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Not in a superstitious sense, but wearing my little silver Thor’s hammer (that my mum gave me) around my neck kinda reminds me to be comfortable and/or strong.

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I keep an icon of St. George with me where ever I go.

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i never ever believe that, thats what make me to be a Scienticism

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I hardly ever go anywhere without my car. Mostly because it gets me from A to B, but in that sense, you could say it’s my lucky charm. Hahahaha!

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I wear a ring my grandma gave me wherever I go. I’ve had for 10 plus years and wear it daily. It is simple with my august birthstone peridot. Its been lucky for me.

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I don’t think of them as lucky charms, but I always carry a blue glass fertility goddess (a la the Willendorf Venus, but svelter) my purse along with a green fluorite crystal.

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My husband. He is always finding money, finding gold, finding jewellery…He found me, too!

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Got a lil’ stone that goes with me wherever I go, and a medal w/ St. Judas on it, the saint of lost causes (also the saint of the mafiosi)

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I lose everything, so… No. :(
Well, my bee tat is my lucky charm now, I guess. And I won’t lose that.

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I wear one of these on a necklace chain. It’s an evil eye – protection from evil and good luck all in one. The meandering rectangular border is important in Greek cultures. It symbolizes eternity, forever, and unity. It can pretty much be applied to anything; eternal friendship, eternal love, eternal life, etc. Before he passed away my great-grandpa told me that the Greek key looks like a square version of waves. This makes sense too because the sea is a very important to Greece.
Anyways, I wear it as a necklace all the time, but if it’s not on my neck the pendant is in my wallet.

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@Allie: Are you Orthodox?

I also wear one of those everyday. Like you said: I wear it on a necklace, but if I don’t wear it on a necklace I safety pin it to my bra, so it’s with me everywhere I go.

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Yeah – In Macedonia the Moslems where the same thing, minus the border. They also wear tiny Korans on their bras…and put little poops on the babies…as in “this baby is very bad, not worth poop” to keep away bad curses…

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I am Christian, but a lot of religions believe in the evil eye.

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I believe in the evil nose. And I’m giving it to everyone right now!

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I believe in the evil eye too. A very effective way to make people apologize, shut up and/or leave you alone.

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