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Is this a shoo-in (or maybe: shoe-in) for the most creative murder weapon of the week?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27482points) June 11th, 2013

Who needs AR-15s and assault weapons when you have high-heeled shoes?

I hope the cops ask er some pointed questions and try and understand her sole.

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inb4 pro-gun Jellies comment on the banning of Stilettos.

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Now that’s a crime of passion. I bet she was crazy good in the sack, too.

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The boyfriend most likely deserved it, sounds like such a heel.

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Is she the sole conspirator?

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Someone has been listening to too much Nancy Sinatra….

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I am surprised that the neighbors didn’t hear them arguing and notice that there was something afoot.

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@uberbatman I just grew a semi, Nancy lookin hawt!!

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My favorite, from an old TV show, was clubbing her husband to death with a frozen leg of lamb and then roasting said ‘weapon’ and feeding it to the cops who came in, in response to her call for help. .

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@Sunny2, that’s actually from a classic short story by Roald Dahl.

I also remember reading a story in which the weapon of choice was an icicle. Only last night I found myself wondering how effective a blunt object a frozen loaf of bread might be.

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I feel like I read a book where someone made bullets out of ice and some special gun that would fire them without melting them in the process.

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A hottie wearing stilettos with the AR is the kickin double threat. Of course it helps to be Latino for the passion kill.

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@Jeruba Depends on if it is a sliced loaf or une batard.

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