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Ways to download videos in iPhone?

Asked by j8364 (1points) June 17th, 2008 from iPhone


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do you mean download videos like from the web to your iphone, or from itunes to iphone. for the first im not sure if theres a way without jailbreaking. and for the latter its very easy

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do you mean youtube videos? If you have a mac you should try TubeTV.

I havn’t used it, but for windows you can try YouTube video downloader.

They’re both free to.

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or for a mac solution, go to the youtube video (in safari) and hold apple, and a (i think, if that doesnt work go to window, and activity). this should bring up the activity window. find the video, it should be the only file in the MB range, near like 20 or something depending on length. double click this and it downloads the video to your desktop. then you need to have some program to convert the .flv file. i use perian which is a plug in for quicktime. open the .flv file in quick time and save it as a .mov then put it in itunes. its actually easier than it sounds because once you install perian it is just there and u can change options in system preferences

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Do you mean actually downloading videos using your iPhone, or downloading videos on a computer (or ripping movies from DVD’s), and then transferring them onto your iPhone?

If it’s the latter, I use video converting software called iSquint
If your trying to rip DVD’s onto your computer harddrive, I’d use Handbrake. You can set the file type to .m4v in the preferences so that it works with iTunes.

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@redmannx5, even better than setting it to .m4v, you can use the iPhone preset in handbrake that will convert to the best file format, size, and audio type for the iPhone

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@waterskier: Yeah I’ve used the iPhone preset a couple times, but mostly when I rip a DVD I want to have it be good enough quality so that I can watch it on my laptop also. Question: what’s the best preset on Handbrake that rips the file with .m4v in the least amount of time but also gives you good quality video? (And try to keep the file size down as much as possible)

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