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Blog Names?

Asked by fabulous (574points) June 17th, 2008

I am setting up a blog and i have no idea what to call it i have been trying for ages now and nothing is working for me or else they are in use already.

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There is a dearth of information here, fabulous. What is the subject of the blog? Really, anything goes, a word or phrase that you like, a play on words or other jest.

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The blog is for a journalism course that i am starting it is just to write a few pieces for a portfolio i never have a problem with writing a piece but i always have problems with such things as headlines and such.

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How about something like: Journey in to journalism?

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The Poison Pen

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Journaling: A Journalist’s Journal ( nods to @wildflower )

Call it Jajj for short.

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The dea®th of information
(Nods to Marina)

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Fab’s Dribs and Drabs on Scads of Cads

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Others say blogs can build your brand. I say people aren’t brands. Brand don’t copulate. IMHO, if your blog will mention your sexual side, I wouldn’t use your whole name (i.e. Jane’s Life, Jane Moving, Jane Resolute). If your blog will be lightly PG rated, use your whole name (Jane Jones, Jane Jones’ Gardening Tips).

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I say people can be brands too, and for some it can prove to be a successful tool for self-promotion.

For example, google ‘ben seven’. Not my real name, but worked out OK for me thus far, and even helped me land the job I’m in now…

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removed by self

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@Phoenix, I think that “Removed by Self” is a stupendous name for a blog. Well done!

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I made a bunch of suggestions then noticed that fabulous specified it was for a journalism blog and none of my suggestions made any sense. How that garners a “great answer”...

I did have a blog I named “adoxography” (fine writing on trivial or mundane subjects) for which I wrote about four posts and then abandoned. I think it would be a great name for certain blogs (if someone hasn’t taken it already).

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The blog is about Journalism?
Then Give Your name added with some attractive words.


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