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Have you ever "suffered" in order to Fluther?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) June 17th, 2008

To get a wireless connection at my Mom’s where I am staying, I have to take my laptop out on the deck. Since it is less than 55 degrees here today, I am fluthering with numb fingers and toes. Anyone else go to extraordinary lengths to fluther?

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wow, mad props. i cant say i have done anything out of the ordinary to fluther, except fluthering all day at work

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@Marina; call it “therapy” and not “suffering.” That makes all the difference. G

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@waterskier2007 You were already suffering at work.

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@gc Wise, as always!

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well Marina, I have had to go pee for like an hour now and just can’t seem to leave my computer and Fluther. I guess you could say I am “suffering”!!! LOL…off to pee…

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Not “suffer” per se, but I have to be furtive while I’m at work. It’s a little demeaning and guilty, but it’s a delicious demeaning guiltiness.

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@Marina, 55? That’s practically Summer.

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To a Minnesotan, I imagine so! Sadly, I am somewhat thin in the blood since my stint in Florida. Used to be I did 55 in my shirtsleeves.

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