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Do you have a fluther / Jelly tee-shirt?

Asked by hollym (304points) June 17th, 2008

Would you buy one? Would you wear one if it was given to you as a gift?

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I’ve been planning on ordering mine for quite some time.
And who wouldn’t wear it as a gift?

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I’m still debating whether to buy one or make my own. If I buy the ready made one, I will make some modifications – I’m not a big fan of standard tee shape.

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@Wildflower has a point. The T’s shaped for women call XL 36.” That’s pretty snug unless you are a willow wand.

And the men’s are cut differently. I have to reshape neckline and hems and sometimes put either darts or slits in them.

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I have one. It was a gift from myself. Thank you, Self.
My daughter has a penguin on her t-shirt that hungrily eyes my jellyfish. So I try not to wear my fluther shirt when she has that t-shirt on.

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I would probably wear it. For a small commission, I would wear it every day. Even in the dark. And in order to fulfill the terms of my contract, I would post a (tasteful) trademarked picture of myself wearing it, all rights reserved.
So, hells yeah. When’s it comin’?

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Um, knotmyday, it should be delivered sometime between 9 am & 7 pm EST, Monday – Friday, pending vacation, national holiday, or inclement weather, before 12/31/2999. I hope you like it!!!!!

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No, yes and heck, yeah!

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Yeh I have the Jellyfish one, I only found fluther through buying the t-shirt. So I bought it just because I needed a t-shirt, or two (I bought another, but different, tee). It’s comfortable and I’ve had a number of people saying they like it :) It’s just nice to have a new, strong coloured t-shirt (all my other tees have either faded or aren’t very strong at all, i.e. greyish or light blue)

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Plan on buying one as soon as I clear some of my credit card at the end of the month.

Can’t wait they look so nice

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We need one for the women. I don’t wear the standard t shirt either. We need a more fitted tee for women. Maybe a lightweight (or featherwight) cotton like this. And what about one for the kids? My son or daughter would proudly wear the jelly.

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Yes, I have a Jelly T!

My wife ordered it for me as a gift, and I wear it often! I LOVE IT!

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Reminder: It’s never too late to add photos of yourself donning your Fluther tee to the Flickr group

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Amendation; Largest T designed for women is L = sizes 8,10 = 36” 38”. The text says “they fit snugly.” How many of us would wear a size 8 T? No from me.

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@gailcalled: i am guessing that was at my link. i didn’t mean that exact T, just one that was featherweight aka lightweight. I said more fitted, not snug. No, I wouldn’t fit into a size 8 either. just a suggestion…

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@Bead: I was talking about the sizing for the Fluther woman’s L. Sorry to be confusing. If I order one, I would get a Man’s M, I think and wear it for the honour of the corps (semper Flu) and not for the fashion statement.

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I have one. It’s a little long for my short self, but still, it’s awesome and I’m glad I bought it!

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