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What are the most interesting parts of the following video?

Asked by flo (13151points) June 19th, 2013

This one.

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Russell Brand was the most interesting part.
I don’t think I could ever keep track of the others on the show. They are like cardboard cutouts, except that they have slightly less personality.

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The most interesting part was how long Russell Brand sat through the patronizing comments of the hosts before finally showing them up as the mindless twits that they are.

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He shows up on their show, and he is calm, relaxed and intelligent, while they are nervous, confused, and bumbling.
He is much more intelligent than I had previously believed.

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I don’t understand how people watch this garbage….bumbling morons…

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I’ve been laughing so hard I’m almost crying, trying to do it quietly. It’s near 1 AM and the wife’s (hopefully) still asleep. There’ll be hell to pay tomorrow if my amusement woke her. It’s so refreshing to see real intelligence on TV.

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I agree with @filmfann on this one. He comes off as pretty damn smart…....... am I the only one who thinks those guys were being total assholes towards him? I mean why talk as if he’s not there like a creature or something?

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I thought Russell Brand was funny. Did you know the female presenter is the daughter of former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski.

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@cutiepi92 They really did not appear to have a clue what he was talking about when he accused them of addressing him inappropriately. Just no manners at all.

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I thought the MSNBC people were flat out rude right from the beginning. He’s an actor/comedian/movie star, and dressed appropriately for a TV interview, and they start in making fun of what he wore.

He has never been my favorite (that’s just my taste) but he sure showed them how to be classy in the face of bad manners.

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“Thank you for your casual objectification” The objectified becomes the objectifier.

“This is what you all do for a living?”... “These people are typically very very good at their job”“These are your trusted anchors America”.

Thank you all everyone. Who is Willie anyway?

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