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I have high body temperature (normally, not from a flu or something), anyway to get it down?

Asked by ATW (72points) June 19th, 2013

So, I’ll be as simple as possible. :) I have a pretty high body temperature (I hope that is the right way to put it) I don’t have a fever or anything, but my body is pretty much always warm. Meaning, when it’s winter, I can go out in a shirt and feel good, or in a light jacket and be outside for hours.

Because of the high body temperature, I don’t feel the cold as much as a normal person does, BUT, when it’s summer, and these days the summer is EXTREMELY hot, the body temperature is also high, and it’s not a good thing.

Now, while other people are enjoying the relatively enjoyable hot days and nights, I find it really hard not to sweat a ton and feel like a load of crap. I look at other people and they have no problem handling it, but because I’m always warm inside, I find it harder to be outside.

In short, high body temperature, extremely hot, any ideas? :) Thanks in advance.

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Male/female and age or age group might help with answers.

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Oh, right. Male, 18.

Just a normal guy, nothing out of the ordinary. I always tolerated cold for as long as I can remember, but the last two summers have really been hell for me. Just wondering if someone else has the same problem/issue and/or has a solution. :)

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I’m like that too. In the winter it’s great. In the summer I have to adjust.

When I was a kid I built a den in my parent’s basement where I could read and watch TV in the cool, low-humidity.

I’ve never found a way to change my metabolism.

I guess I can just describe my behavior, not offer a cure.

I like to cycle and run, and at least I can feel that “Hey, I’m sweaty, but it’s because I exercise!”

Climate matters. I’m Midwest born and bred. It’s humid and hot in the summer. When I lived near the beach in L.A. for five years, I didn’t own an air conditioner. Never felt the need.

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That’s not unusual at your age. I could tolerate all kinds of cold when I was your age. I went to a training class on a -20 degree F night one time in a t-shirt. I remember one of the women in the class laughing at that. I also had to tolerate extreme heat growing up. I always got haymow duty in the summer. I was young and tough, so I got the 130 degree high humidity conditions. I learned to tolerate the heat. You’ll wish you could still do that at some point in your life.

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I’m an engineer and, as such, always prefer hard data to fuzzy, subjective estimates. Have you taken your temperature recently/ In the morning and during the day? Is it actually higher or does it just feel that way? The data will tell all.
Meanwhile, enjoy it while you can, kiddo. Eat what you like and get exercise. Building up your body now will make your life much better down the road.

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Edit: I am bad. I didn’t read the whole question and really have no answer. Just ignore this.

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I think we need numbers to go with the answers. How high have your temperatures measured?

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What I am hearing is that you are hot, but is your temperature actually high? Thermometer reading high?

Young men tend to run hot. Although, it sounds like you are warmer than your peers.

A hyperthyroid can raise body temperature. Do you have any other thyroid symptoms like not needing much sleep, dry skin, brittle hair, difficulty gaining weight, any of that? Hyperthyroid is seen more in young women than men, but it happens. There are some other diseases and syndromes that make people hot, so pay attention to if you have any other health things going on, it might all be related.

My mom and her sister are naturally hotter than most people, especially more than most women. Hot weather is a killer for them

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Ah, so there is no cure for me. :D Thank you all for your answers, it helped!

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@ATW There is a cure if you are hyperthyroid. If that happens to be the case it is iortant to treat it. It isn’t likely, but it is worth mentioning next time you go to the doctor that you are always much hotter than other people. What is your internal temperature? Is it over 99.5 degrees farenheit?

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