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Should I or should I not block this person on Facebook?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) June 19th, 2013

So here is the situation:

I have a facebook friend who I occasionally talk to that is male. He is the type of person that can say the wrong thing and be mean when “joking”. He has never really done anything personally towards me until today. Today I posted a status about the Xbox One. He proceeded to post a pokemon meme picture that said “Suddenly…....a wild opinionated bitch appeared”. Then he commented and said “Love you but I had to do it lol * runs away *”

My boyfriend saw this post at the same time as I did. I was very upset but he was absolutely livid. Like extremely so. I had to prevent him from saying anything because I felt like that would make everything bad. I proceeded to delete the status and messaged him that he had really crossed the line. He said that he was joking and he’ll delete it (he didn’t know I had gotten rid of it already).

My boyfriend wants (demanded) me to block him (and I did for now). However, I feel like that’s unnecessary. Unfriend possibly but blocking to me is REALLY extreme and I have only blocked one other person on my Facebook. I feel like he knows what the line is now (he has never tested it previously) and he won’t do it again. But I feel like if I unblock him I’ll make my boyfriend extremely upset. This facebook friend however always posts interesting topics and whatnot, not to mention I’m slightly afraid of being roasted by him for blocking him (he has done this to people).

I feel slightly like my boyfriend is being controlling and mean in this situation, but at the same time I understand his feelings. I care more about my relationship than a facebook person, which is why I blocked the guy to appease him. But what do you all think?? Is my boyfriend being too controlling? Should I leave the person blocked??

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I would leave it with a warning message. If he proceeded to go on with such behavior then I would de-friend him. I would not block him…that is a bit extreme and strange way to handle it. Blocking is reserved for people like stalkers.

Tell your boyfriend what you told us and what I am telling you now.

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Sounds like your boyfriend is too controlling, you shouldn’t do something just because he says to do it. Unblock him and explain to your boyfriend that it is your decision and yours alone.

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I think that might create a separate problem for her altogether. You may be correct about her boyfriend being too controlling but this is not the right time to address that issue.

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i unfriended him instead of blocked him….....boyfriend checked…...and just broke up with me….........

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Well clearly he has some sort of issue and isn’t very mature. If he acts like that over something this small, it’s probably a good thing you found out sooner rather than later.

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What the heck is wrong with our youth? Why do you want to associate yourself with this person again?

This is just petty on so many levels for you, your boyfriend and that troll. It’s the internet, who cares!

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…..........i’ve been with my bf for almost four years now….....i’m hoping this is just out of anger. Please don’t bad mouth him. Not now…......

Like seriously….I just didn’t think this situation was as big as it’s morphing into….. i dont know how to stop it

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I would go with what you want to do, rather than what your boyfriend wants you to do. Would you block him if your boyfriend hadn’t “demanded” that you do it? Your boyfriend is definitely being too controlling in this situation, and obeying him out of fear of making him more upset over something that is not decision to make doesn’t exactly seem like a healthy balance in your relationship. If you don’t want to block or unfriend him, then don’t. It is your boyfriend’s problem if he is unhappy with your decision, not yours. What this guy did seems annoying and a little bit jerky, but not a blockable offense in my opinion. His intentions were probably not bad, he just poorly executed a joke he shouldn’t have made. The message you sent him defined the line and that should be the end of it.

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Did not see that coming but ok. What did he say? Did you try to explain?

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Oops, I didn’t read the previous replies before I wrote mine…

If he’d break up with you over something that small and petty though, how committed could he have been to the relationship? Sometimes in situations like these, where you get broken up with over the stupidest little issue, it’s because they were looking for a reason to break off the relationship and they found it, no matter how insignificant. I’m not saying this is what he did, but it is possible. Like I said, how committed could he have been if he’d be willing to leave you over something so inconsequential? It just seems like the issue is bigger than just this one occurrence.

Either way, I’m sorry this situation is happening to you. Best wishes, keep us updated!

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I explained. We are good now.

I was asking everyone to hold off on opinions about him as far as the “break up” thing went because (as I figured) he said that out of anger. I’ve done it too, so I didn’t want to put the cart before the horse you know? I do not question his commitment and I understand saying things you regret/don’t mean when you’re angry. He was mad about a bunch of other stuff and after seeing that I had unblocked the guy, he misunderstood, thought it was something else and everything spiraled out of control. Once he calmed down and we actually talked about it and I explained my feelings, he apologized for overreacting. After he told me how he was feeling and why he overreacted, I can see why he was upset. It was a big communication issue on both of our parts. So no, we aren’t breaking up. He was just really upset and said it out of anger. He apologized for saying it and made a point that he definitely wanted to stay with me, it was just a lot going on with him and this issue just kinda popped the balloon you know? I am glad he was able to step back and calm down a bit and we were actually able to discuss everything

As far as the original post goes, we’re good now. I explained to him what I wrote on here and told you all (showed it to him even) and we talked about it. He didn’t literally force me to block the person, I guess I didn’t HAVE to, but he was so unhappy. Blocking him was the only way for me to keep him from being so mad, not at me but at the whole situation :/ (I didn’t mention it before but we were out on a date when all the facebook stuff happened) I wanted us to just be happy and I felt like our evening was ruined by random facebook drama. I understand he was angry and just trying to defend me, but I stated to him why I thought it was too much to block someone over it. He understood my point of view afterwards.

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Glad you got it all worked out. Kudos to your boyfriend for being understanding and seeing it through. Good luck to you both! :)

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Ok, I’m old… but if you’re out an a date, why bother with Facebook at all? It will still be there later.
Glad you and BF are good now:-)

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Talk to your boyfriend and let he know that’s ok.

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Maybe I’m old, but I find Facebook to be a pain in the ass and really quite useless, especially when you’re in a relationship. Just my opinion, but it just seems like somebody inevitably get their feelings hurt and there’s always an asshole or two that just live to stir shit up.
I haven’t deleted my account, but I haven’t used it in over a year, just because of the kind of crap you just described.

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^honestly, I kinda agree with you. I think facebook can easily cause relationship issues :( It’s the only way I stay in touch with some people though…...however I have kinda decided to stay away from it for a while. It’s a bit of an addiction lol

@ccrow We don’t typically use our phones when we are together, but he wanted to see a status I had posted about the PS4 vs. Xbox One lol. It was supposed to just be a conversation starter.

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@cutiepi92 Some conversation, huh? Yikes!:-) I also don’t use it tons; just a way to keep in touch with extended family.

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I block such people, only one is hateful at me, I block him. Friends say many people hateful at them, some leave Facebook.

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