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The truth about Dr. J?

Asked by XOIIO (18328points) June 20th, 2013

Sure, we all know Dr. J, the happy, cheerful fellow at the top of every Fluther page.

At least, that’s what they want you to think, but I have found the truth that lies behind our happy, 3 tentacle friend, and the horrors he is responsible for.


Sorry for having to use tinypic, my photobucket bandwidth is full :/

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I knew it.

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Apparently this is well after he played for the 76ers…

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Are we sure that’s not his evil twin brother, Mr. H?

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The Mr. H who’ll demonstrate and undertake ten somersets on solid ground ?

THAT Mr. H….??

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Ah ha, no wonder he is smiling. He conquered us!

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Ha, well the words Himmler & War are always going to be synonymous with each other :)

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If anyone wants to fight back we make those lasers. They are actually 1064 nm units frequency doubled to produce 532 nm green as a visible tracer.
We can turn jelly into calimari in a few microseconds.

Send me your credit card info and I’ll send you a unit.

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Dr J is one scary jelly…..

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Hahaha, I love it! And welcome our Jelly Overlords.

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Speak for yourself, Auggie :)

Anyone uncomfortable with these overlords can come hang put with me on my reef (buttonstc) here

Or you can build your own also. It’s free.
(I just recently discovered this and was surprised at how many adults are playing it. The artwork is gorgeous and the colors beautiful and relaxing.

And it can be played completely without buying any stuff.

I already have a yellow Jellyfish (with more jellies to follow) as well as other rare fishes.

I was going to post a Q to see if any other Flutherites were playin. It would be a very compatible place for members of our Jelly community here, don’t you think?

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@Buttonstc that app looks beautiful. I might give it a try.

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It is really gorgeous. Also there are quite a few adult players from GB (as well as Netherlands) on one of the hints forums I’ve been in.

If you do decide to give it a go, don’t spend any pearls on hints. Just Google the name of the fish and you can find out which combinations will cause it to stay.

Pearls are hard to come by so don’t waste them.

I think you’ll really enjoy it.

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This shit runs deep, I have just done some snooping around and found this


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