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Fluther: Democrats or Republicans?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 17th, 2008

It seems to me that most Flutherites are democratic. What party do you belong to?

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I don’t consider myself either..but I usuallyyyyyy vote Democrat

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There’s only two options? This game sucks.

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No, I’m kidding. I’m a registered democrat. In a two party system (let’s face it, it’s sad but true), I’d SO much rather be labeled that than a republican.

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I’m just to the left of “Knee Jerk Liberal”

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Nice, supernutjob.

Don’t you just love it when people call you a bleeding heart? My answer is usually “yeah, so?”

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Fluther is a two-party system? Think I’ll become an anarchist then.

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@ wildflower : that’s not what i meant! :D

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I lean towards socialism.

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The US political system is not a two-party system. It’s an abusable system which is being abused by two bully cliques who have long outlived their usefulness. But it could be changed.

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@ Zaku : I completely agree. It is being abused… BUT, a lot of people have the “lesser of two evils” mentality & it’s not going to change any time soon. Again, sad but true.

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If we can’t have a coalition government, I don’t want a government!

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I would have said that, like most Flutherites I have observed, I am an independent thinker.

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@ Marina : Great answer!

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I use my independent thinking skills to further the causes of the Democratic Party.

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I am a registered Dem and an educated voter.

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I’m pretty much a Libertarian. I dig Ron Paul, too.

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Non-partisan moderate I be!
Both sides have good ideas.
I’m also positive that neither side eats babies.

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I’m a registered democrat, but I think I’m a libertarian deep down inside.

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Registered Dem.

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Democrats seems to have their heads in straight. But that’s not to say it’s impossible for a Republican to come along who is an amazing, balanced, qualified, and inspirational leader.

Watch for hell freezing over. That’s how you know when to expect this candidate.

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Not registered with any party, but most certainly lean left. Maybe even one of those people that come to mind for those that think liberal is a four letter word. But, truth be told, I’ve voted Green many times, and once long ago voted for a Republican governor for Minnesota. (No. Not Tim Pawlenty.)

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Was it Jesse Ventura???????

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@Marina, nope. He was actually a third party. Independent, I think. Can’t say he was one of my favorites either.

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He was a member of the Reform Party until 2001, when he switched to the Independence Party (not to be confused with being an independent).

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@Lefteh, yes. Thank you. Smarty!

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@BirdlegLeft: My weird political database of knowledge is always at your disposal!

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(I take a tiny bit of credit for it, though. ;P)

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Pshht, by what reasoning?

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I am a conservative radical, or a radical conservative. It really depends on my mood.

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Conservative and rugged individualist.

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I brought you here, bustah!

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Yes yes, you brought me here. Fine. Points for you.

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@Lefteh, thanks. There’s always a call for someone who can re-call the facts. When my friends talk politics we seem to only remember half the story and are forced to either make the rest up, or go to wiki.

@Delerium, thanks to you too.

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@hahmoore – You wrote:
“I completely agree. It is being abused… BUT, a lot of people have the “lesser of two evils” mentality & it’s not going to change any time soon. Again, sad but true.”

It will change as soon as people agree to change it. What’s in the way is people saying it’s not going to change soon, even when they have no desire for that. Talk about the possibility, and others will talk about the possibility, and it will be possible, and will happen. It doesn’t take much time – time isn’t the obstacle. The obstacle is what people say, and that starts with you and me. So if you want it, talk about it being possible. It actually works, for many, many things…

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Pube? Crat? Aw, neither for me. I’d say I believe in reasonable politics, not social/liberal/conservative politics. Do what’s right because it makes reasonable sense, not because you’re stuck in a political ideology and want to save face or cause that’s all you know. Entertain opposing viewpoints. Above all, get data and make decisions based on what is likely the best course based on facts and data.

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