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Easiest Way to toss up a portfolio of design work, on my own domain (always more details...)

Asked by serenityNOW (3641points) June 21st, 2013

I don’t care if it’s Wordpress, Prosite or what have you, but… I want the portfolio on my domain. Preferably, on a subdomain, i.e so people get a landing page chock full of links. Fortunately my web host, who shall remain nameless but rock, does a “one-click-install” of Wordpress anywhere on my site, so that’s relatively effortless. Prosite (now by Behance) seem easy to use – drag-n-drop – but apparently wants to take over my whole site. (I’d like to be able to maintain some design freedom, as my site will be serving not just as a portfolio, but as a “proof-of-concept” – myself being able to showcase all of the new web-design goodies I’ve been struggling to catch up with.) Thanks!

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Squarespace is a one-stop solution of hosting and design, they give you a good amount of design templates, especially ones designed for potfiolios that you can use the visual editor or edit the files directly if you so choose.

They let you try it for 30 days without even asking for credit card info, and offer code GIMME10 saves you 10% when you order.

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What’s your site done in? What web server is it using and what active language does it parse for? What database/s are there? You want to set up some sort of CMS to take your existing site’s wrapper and nicely format the elements of your portfolio within that wrapper.drag-and-drop is terrible for sites that are constantly getting new content added, because no two pages are formatted alike. It ends up with that, “We tossed them all in the pot and this is where they landed.” sort of look. You want your CMS to format things consistently and to automate such things as easy navigation, sizing the full-sized image for a lightbox enlarge to a medium-sized image for the About this Site page and a small one for a thumbnail on the category page. You want it to automate pagination.

Portfolios look best when you standardize on a size for all your screen captures. I have a neat plug-in for FIrefox that facilitates doing that. It’s called Firesizer. Grabbing all screen captures at the same size gives you a page of thumbnails that don’t look like a Snagglepus family photo album.

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@sinscriven & @ETpro – I’ve decided to go with Squarespace. Very tight designs, and so far their customer service has been ridiculously responsive. Thanks!

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I like either Extreme Thumbnail by Exisoft or Galleria originally developed at MIT.. Both have free versions.

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ok… Did you heard of basically is a tool that let all of us (graphic designers) without job.

no templates, no guidelines or code, no graphic design involved. Just you and your idea of a webpage, then an artificial inteligence code robot build a unique page for you.

and I’m not kidding.

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