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How long do you let a question mull over before you ask it?

Asked by delirium (13700points) June 17th, 2008

I usually give it three or four days. I have one i’ve been planning for almost a week now. Its not really plotting, even… its just waiting.

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Long enough to make sure I won’t sound stupid for asking :)

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Good question! I’m prone to over-thinking, especially when a lot of people are going to see what I have to say (like here on Fluther). So I like to push myself to be spontaneous and let the chips fall where they may.

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When one bubbles up and I think Fluther, I usually sleep on it at least a day (er, night) before posting.

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I usually wait till about third time it enters my head – if by then I still want to ask, then I must really want the answer/input/feedback.

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I don’t give it any thought. But I average one question per week.

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Goodness knows, I’ve yet to find a question that I see worthy of asking. I have got one I’m thinking of asking, but eh, it’s rather specific indeed.

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I’d love it if AstroChuck chimes in. His questions are often out-of-the-box type questions.

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About 5 minutes less time than I should have.

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usually 5 minutes, i’ve been wanting to ask if i should be the next guy for the interview, but haven’t brought myself to asking it

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Pretty much all (last) night. For some reason I was suffering from insomnia.

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@iwamoto, you so should! We need a European in the hall of fame! But then, it should be a live stream rather than written – I suspect they’d edit out a fair bit of your rambling ;)

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i’m not that big of a rambling man, right ? i mean, i do have my stream of weirdo thoughts, but i try to keep it a bit to myself ;)

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I am with rob… Not long enough.

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I usually wait at least a few days. But I also forget more questions than I ask…so I’m not sure this method is working out well for me.

(Note to Self: Start a Questions List)

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I don’t usually have very good questions, so whenever I get one I just post it immediately.

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