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Did you download Firefox 3 today?

Asked by b (1873points) June 17th, 2008

If so, what do you think of it? Myself, I love it.

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I did and the Flash performance is improved by a crazy amount. I did have to make some changes to about:config to get some extensions to work. I am really pleased with it. It was a smooth upgrade. Except I had to hunt down the upgrade to the theme I use.

And I am on a Mac. I upgraded to RC2 a few days ago. But I downloaded it again today. They appear to be the same.

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yeag, but to be able to download it took some damn, i got redirected to the firefox 2 page constantly….

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It took me a while to get onto the proper download as well. I guess that’s what I get for trying to download it just a few minutes after it was released. I have not tried it on my Mac at home, just my work x86 (which reminds me of what I should be doing right now).

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Yep, and it rocks! I always have a boat load of tabs open and FF3 uses 50% less memory now and the performance is much snappier. This release really hit the mark.

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Yes. Still doubt I’ll use it.

Viva la Safari

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I will, but the “awesome bar” sucks so much that I’m waiting a couple of days in protest.

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i have been out of town (and away from my laptop) all day. but i will be downloading it now. can’t wait :)

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I felt the same way.. Then I found oldbar.

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On Windows, I noticed that the “standard install” ended up hijacking my default browser setting.

Any one get that on the Mac? (Oh, I can check that)

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I did, but most of my favorite extensions don’t work with it yet. I’m going to wait for them to catch up before I make the switch.

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You know it!

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I did, but I’ve had the beta for over a month now so I’ve had all my stuff set up, i’ve no idea what this “awesome” bar is because I probably did something to get rid of it early on lol
unless it’s the way the new address bar works, if so i’m loving it and have used it every day to its potential, i put in the first thing i want from a previous website i’ve been to and hey look i’m there!
i type in ‘fa’ and it takes me to facebook… awesome!

all of my extensions I want work so far… EXCEPT distrust! someone needs to hurry up and get that into 3

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Yes (mac). With the GrApple Yummy skin, it’s OK. Have used it at the office today – 4 hours without freezing up, so we’ll see. Still, Camino will probably remain my main browser.

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So much for that: 4 hours and 3 minutes, then a freeze. Plus ca change, eh?

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you can turn off the Awesome Bar if you so desire.

I like it. saves me from clicking on the bookmark button and scrolling through my huge list of bookmarks. that is if I named them something helpful.

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Yep, I downloaded it, just minutes ago. It’s still in my temporary folder and will stay there until that folder is emptied when I shutdown my computer. It’s not cheating anyway because Fx3 came with my operating system, so I’m still using it :P

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