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In the entire world what are a few places you would like to visit?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) June 17th, 2008 from iPhone

There are certain places and things I would like to do sometime in my lifetime. What are some of yours? Example: run with the bulls, drive on autobahn, etc

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Lisses,France (home of parkour)

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I myself would like to visit London myself. Something about that place grabs my interest. I have the desire to drive a Mini Cooper there too

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I’de like to stay one night at the ice hotel in Sweden, walk from one end of New Zealand to the other, visit Madagascar with brownlemur, dive in the Hawaiian marine reserve, visit the cocoa plantations of coastal Venezuela, kayak the Salmon River in Idaho, and bike across France with my son.

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More of Italy and France—because of their beauty and the way Italians respect family,

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Italy, Australia, and Russia

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Antarctica, Valley of the Kings, The Serengeti, Stonehenge, Rome, Athens. Not necessarily in that order.

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I want to go to Tokyo Japan because that city looks like a crazy crazy people jungle. Then i would like to go to Iceland and sit in some geysers or whatever they sit in there thats hot.

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Easter Island and New Zealand.

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Jerusalem,Israel because it’s Holy Land to three major faiths.

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Scotland because of it’s castles and vast green valleys.

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@Harp; My son at one point wanted to cross country ski across Iceland; the government rep discouraged him by return mail.

As for bicycling across France, you and your son should read THE DISCOVERY OF FRANCE, by Graham Robb. He and his partner biked 14,000 in order to do the research..One chapter discusses the 16 or so ways of saying “yes” in all the regional dialects, many of which still exist.

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@Harp. I want to go with you, too!

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@gail, thanks, I’ll check it out. I biked across France (and England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy) back in ‘80, but I’d love for my son to have the experience. France is the perfect place for a bike trip: frequent little villages, each with a cafe, boulangerie/pattiserie and fromager. What more could you ask for?

OK, Linda, you’re in.

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Italy is by far my favorite destination that I have been to, and I would always love revisiting. Iceland has to top my list for places that I have not been.

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@Harp. You could ask for these.

How old is your son?

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I’d like to go on the Antoní Gaudí tour in Barcelona. Parc Güell, El Templo de la Sagrsda Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo.. Plus, a chance to learn Catalán.

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He’s 17.

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@ harp: I’m with you on the ice hotel in Sweden! I would love to spend more time in Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland and other places in both countries, as that is where most of my family lives. I saw a picture of Anchorage, Alaska and was very intrigued. I’ve been on a cruise to Alaska and it is so vast and beautiful. It would be interesting to see a bustling city there. Hawaii is where I will one day take my honeymoon I never got. :-(

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As far as what I would like to do: would love to go skydiving, take a roadtrip across America, go backpacking through Europe. As far as where I would like to go: Alaska, japan, Italy, Ireland and new York would be my top 5 picks.

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small motorcycle tiny roads in Italy (too old & fat to bike now)
chocolate mountains, philippines
elephant mountains, cambodia
ragged mountains, virginia
– all without getting on a plane, thanks

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Does it have to in this world?

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I drove on the Autobahn last year, going to Dresden. I have wedding photos taken near by the (supposed) site of the Colossus, I’ve seen the Alamo (and met an Alamo Ranger), been to Legoland and got the drivers license, eaten cous-cous in the Sahara…...I’m not doing too badly, but, there’s still more I want to see:

Iceland (it’s embarrassing that I’ve never been to my neighbor country)
Russia – Kremlin
San Francisco
Cuba (and I’m allowed to go there!)
African Savanna
Australia (both Sidney and the outback)
Hong Kong
Japan/Tokyo – only for a little while though, Japanese modern/pop culture scares me a bit.

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I really want to go to Brazil, and on an African Safari someday.

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1. Greece
A lot of other places. I want to travel the world

*Also would love to go to Germany again.

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@Trance; a wonderful wish list, but what is “Prog”?

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Id love to travel round the west coast of the USA – sounds amazing. Im also very interested in the Australian outback!

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@Gail forgive me that should have been Prague not prog. That would be my horrible spelling. I apologize once more.

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And I would love to go back to London and Edinburgh.

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