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The Enneagram?

Asked by lindabrowne1 (329points) June 17th, 2008

If you are familiar with this personality system, what is Fluther?

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Interesting theory, Linda! Thanks for bringin’ it to my attention…
I think my ego fixation falls somewhere in the 4/5 or 5/4 wing region.
It was very funny to me to read (in the Wikipedia article) “Ichazo relates the fixations to the major psychiatric classifications and believes that fixations are the precursor to mental illness,” which kinda sounds like we’re all doooooomed! ;^)

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sorry, guess I didn’t answer the question. I think Fluther runs the gamut; actually, we all depending on our emotional state.
Right now, mine could be classified as “chagrin.”

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@knotmyday (This is the third time I’ve written this—it keeps mysteriously deleting itself. Hmmmmmmmmmm, what’s the message in that?) Anywhooooo, to me Fluther is a seven—the Epicurean—a little bit of that, a little bit of this. If you have only read/studied Ichazo, you may be missing the beautiful point of the Enneagram—a spiritual tool for personal growth. There are six levels from mental illness to our higher purpose/selves. If you are interested, check out these two sites for more info.: Palmer/Daniels: or Riso/Hudson: Have fun!

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@Linda, I am SOOOO happy to see this question. I absolutely love the Enneagram and am fascinated with it. I’m a 5, a social 5, and my hit immediately when I heard about the site from Ben was that this is such a 5 concept. Ask any question, and get a good answer from a good community? 5 heaven!

At the same time, I can certainly see it from the 7 perspective. What are you?

Edit: I just did a Fluther search for Enneagram mentions. I saw a question here where EmilyRose talked about being a 6, and how this site could be used well by a 6 that’s indecisive and wants other opinions. Good point!

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@trustinglife, I am a 4. Never heard of a “social.” What is this? So glad that there are fellow Fluther “nuts” that love the Enneagram. How were you introduced to it. . .how have you used it?

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@Linda, when I say social, I’m referring to the instinctual subtypes. This article should help, if you’re not familiar with the social, one-to-one, and self-preservation instincts in the Enneagram. Everyone has all three, but the theory is that we each have an instinct that is dominant, that we lean on. Mine’s definitely social. What might yours be?

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@trustinglife, I think one-to-one. How did you find out about the Enneagram?

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I’ll respond to you by PM…

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