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What would you do if you were hornswoggled by a salesman?

Asked by dittonamed (7points) June 17th, 2008

You didnt really want that new car or phone or gym membership, but you have it now.

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Chalk it up as a loss. Really good salesmen can do that to you. Unless of course I really didn’t want what I ended up walking away with. Then I’d return it (if possible)

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Any one who can use hornswoggle correctly could write a scathing and threatening letter to the Co. involved, with ccs. to Better Business Bureau and State AG’s office.

I terminated a year’s contract w. Terminex after I decided that the guy brought the carpenter ant (with the little splinter in his mouth) to my house in a hidden matchbox. I had to do some bullying but Terminex eventually released me. House is still standing.

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If a salesman cheated, tricked or deceived me about a product, I would smile, choke back my tears, and turn the other cheek. Then I would go home, hide in the bathtub with the lights off, and cry myself into merciful unconsciousness.
I’m with Gail. Fight! Fight!

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Wow, that’s the first time I’ve heard that word. If someone “hornswoggled” me, I’d expect them to cuddle afterwards.

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@Spargett; cuddling might not really be your post-hornswoggled activity of choice, but I see what you were aiming at.

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There are states that have laws that give you a time frame to change your mind on sales made by high-pressure salesmen.

I cannot recall the name of the law but will research and come back unless someone beats me to it.

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We listened to a timeshare salesman on a vacation
(we were jetlagged, is my excuse). He had us apply for a new credit card to finance the thing. We declined to sign anything more till we’d slept on it and talked it over privately. We called in the a.m. and told him we decided against it. Game over?
Back home, we got billed on this card. We had bought nothing, only set up a line of credit in case we decided to buy something. The timeshare people had put the entire cost of the timeshare on the card. We had not been offered a contract. We had signed nothing. The bank allowed this to happen. Later they told me it happens all the time. I pointed out that it was illegal for them to accept charges without the cardholder’s signature. This point was met with silence.
It took both of us three months of fighting to get these charges dropped. The Bank of America wants us to use their credit card for other purchases. They find it amazing to learn that it’s been chopped up with a big pair of shears.

Yes, you have to fight. You have to fight criminals. You also have to fight your own willingness to be seduced. Just make a damn shopping list before your leave the house and just buy what’s on it.

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