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Is 80 degrees ok for going to a water park? Too cold too hot?

Asked by jdogg (871points) June 17th, 2008

I want to go this weekend but it says its supposed to be partly cloudy and rainy. and i cant go any other weekend so what should i do????

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85 degrees is my cut off for swimming

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oops its not supposed to be rainy

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but still it s the only chance i can go

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Take a chance, my friend. Either way, you’ll have an interesting story to tell later on.
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Go. Since those parks are usually full of people, maybe the water is warm(if you know what I mean).

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Perhaps the water at the park is heated. Why not check with them?

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It’s definitely not too hot. Too cold…perhaps. Water tends to be the same temperature as the air. Unless it’s a heated waterpark. 80 degrees water…I’d take it.

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80 degrees is fine. Go for it!

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i went again this year and it was COLD, it was about 70 when we got there and 79 before we left…It was rainy and windy to, but I found a plus to going when its not ideal conditions…THERE ARE NO LINES!!!! I much rather it be a little chlly than wait in line forever!

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