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Should I buy a 2013 honda civic sedan or is there a past year (within 5 year or so) that would be worth buying instead?

Asked by norah (241points) June 28th, 2013

I don’t car that much about having a new car, but I do want the least hassles possible. From what I can tell it’s not that much cheaper to buy something used. Wondering if any car expert out there has some thoughts on this.

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I’m no car expert, but I did just purchase one. I ended up getting a 2013 model with 1400 miles on it that the dealership had used as a loaner car, but no one else had actually owned it. The warranty was even better on this “certified pre-owned” car than a brand new one. I was pretty excited about it.

If you can get a good deal on a pre-owned 2011–2013, I’d go with that versus something brand new. You’re in good shape with a Honda as far as mechanics, so the money would be the only difference. Buying something brand new at sticker price puts you crazy upside down on your loan as soon as you drive off the lot.

If you’re not leasing it, it probably doesn’t matter much. Just make sure you get something with a good warranty.

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I’m no expert either, but what I can say is that the total redesign of the 2013 is certainly better looking than the last revision.

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My opinion is that it’s not worth buying new cars because it depreciates so fast and you want to give them time to work flaws out if there is any. It is similar to buying electronics as soon as they come out: Do you want to spend more money and possibly have a fault, or wait a while to see if problems are ironed out? Get a 2012 or 2011.

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yes @Suspicious_Chihuahua that’s the thing, the 2013 is a redesign, much better than the 2012

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Good advice above from livelaughlove, but if you decide to buy new, NEVER pay the ‘sticker price’. It is pretty easy to find out the “dealer invoice” price (which can be inflated BS anyway) and negotiate up from that amount (offer, say $200.00 over Dealer Invoice).

The salesperson will pretend that your offer is a little silly, but if you do your homework and make these car dealerships work against each other, you’ll end up with a very good deal.

We’ve purchased Honda Accords new, and I think if you keep a Civic properly maintained (especially the oil changes !!), you will be very happy with it for a long time….

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We’ve found that you get a much better deal buying a slightly used car than brand new. Can you wait 6 months and buy a 2013 dealer or demo model?

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