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What is the point of wearing "shutter shades"?

Asked by fullclip (70points) June 17th, 2008

What does everything look like when you have them on? I assume, divided into parts but why would you want to look at stuff like that. Please do tell.

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Why do that voluntarily when middle age will bring you bi- or trifocals to have fun with?

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i wonder if theres a side affect like the cross-eyes in “the jerk”.

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^^^ My little sister everyone…

@ fullclip – You know you want a pair of shutter shades, don’t fight it!

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I assume things will look about the same but blurred by the shutters. Your eye would focus on the subject and would blur out the shutters as good as it can. Hold a pencil in front of your eye and look at something in the room.

But wearing them as sun protection is a really bad idea!

Your eyes feel less irritated by direct sunlight so you would assume they work. But actual shades filter out hazardous UV-light. So when staring into the sun it doesn’t damage your eyes.
While with the shuttershades you would not have the natural squinched eyes reflex thus exposing your eyes to a hazardous amount of sunlight.

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