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Can anyone name this plant?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) June 30th, 2013

Here is a plant blooming in the woods next to my backyard. Anyone know what it is? Here is close-up of the leaves and blossom.

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Looks like a hibiscus to me.

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OMG, @uberbatman, you are right! I just never expected to see one wild and making it through the winters here.

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It is the subspecies of hibiscus, hybiscus syriacus, commonly known in the US as a Rose of Sharon.

This subspecies is hardy to zone 5 and grows commonly in my neck of the woods, north of you.

Many other subspecies of the hibiscus are not as hardy.

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I agree with uberbatman and gailcalled. I have the same in a fence row in my yard. Mine are rose of Sharon bushes. The leaves look exactly the same.

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It’s a Rose of Sharon, in the family of Hibiscus.

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It looks like a hibiscus to me too.

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Is there arelashinship between rose and hibiscus?

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Other than they are both flowers, taxonomically no.

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