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Is it really about who you know to get a job?

Asked by chelle21689 (7907points) June 30th, 2013

Many of you know I’ve been having a hard time getting a job let alone just an interview. My oldest sister said it’s all about who you know and to go to networking events. I feel odd just showing up not knowing anyone and not having anything to offer about me because I have no experience.

Anyways, there’s this position that I want that my bf’s sister told me about. She told her manager about me and is handing her my resume. I’ve applied trying to reach hiring managers there before but never get a call back or answer. Limited Brands is really hard to get an interview with.
Heck, my friend had no HR experience and got through interviews because of her friend’s mom that worked there. She didn’t get the job though but she was ALMOST there.
Other than that, what else can I do to make myself stand out to get an interview or get hired? My bf’s sister said she would do practice interviews with me since she knows what the company looks for. I’m going up against other in-company candidates =\

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People get hired every day who don’t know anyone in the company. But, knowing someone can get you in sometimes. Both happen all the time.

Part of it is a numbers game. Apply to 30 places, get 4 interviews and two offers. Depending on your skill level and the type of job you are looking for the statistics will be different. If you work at finding a job like it is a job you will have more succes. Imagine if you spent 8 hours a day for a week researching companies, sending out resumes, talking to people about what you want to do, and showing up dressed for an interview at the front doors. You would be getting a lot done.

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Knowing someone helped me more than once, but only to get my foot in the door. I always had to interview with other people in the company.

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It IS about who you know!! I can guarantee you will get a job if you join a service organization like Kiwanas, Optimist International, or the 20–30 Club. They love younger people and most of its members are decision makers in companies. It would even be ok to say, “I’m looking for a job right now and I joined in order to meet people who hire while also contributing to my community.

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Not entirely. Getting a job through someone you know has become most common, but in truth, getting a job is almost like winning the lottery – pure luck.

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Who you know can be a way to get a job. But it’s quite certainly not the only way or even most common. It probably depends on industry and location and luck whether who you know will be a factor.

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Any tips to stand out? Should I go to the company, should I contact the hiring manager again? Anything?

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For some fields it might be who you know. In engineering it is what you know and how fast you can learn new stuff.
Right now if you know Matlab and simulink you can live under a rock an get a job.

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It’s certainly been true for me. In almost twenty-five years, over a dozen or do jobs, I’ve never landed a job cold (from the want-ads).

Every single one has been a referral of one kind or another.

Get networking!

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I’ve got many jobs without having a connection to the organisation or management. However, it can most certainly help you to get a foot in the door as @Pachyderm_In_The_Room suggested. It won’t get you the job (if the company is ethical) but it might get you an interview. Then it’s up to you.

I’m sure you know lots of people, networking can be as simple as letting people you know, know you’re looking for a job. If they work for a company you think might be a good fit for you, ask them to let you know of any positions that come up or if they could pass your resume to the person who hires for the company.

Especially when jobs are thin on the ground, you need to be more creative and proactive about finding work. Good luck!.

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A lot of it’s regional. St. Louis has something of a who-you-know culture – your friend in the company can verbally recommend you for that new sales or IT position, making it more likely for them to hire you.
That said, it’s not imperative.

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I actually got a phone interview next week….I hope I don’t bomb it

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Best of luck!!

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My son is currently involved in a who you know job search. His instructors told him they are grooming him for a job with the school that someone else currently has. Sonny knew his Dad has an opening at his company, and suggested the someone for that job.

So Dad gets his opening filled, someone gets a better job, and Sonny has created the opening for his own employment.

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