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Are medically color-blind people less prone to being racists?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 17th, 2008

An absurd question pehaps but play along. What do you think?
And yes, after I wrote this the Dave Chappelle – The Black White Supremacist skit came to mind

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I think that racism and bigotry reach far beyond the visual perception of another human being. The visual only serves to easily identify.

Racism is a belief that there is a group which is inferior due to breeding or education etc.

So I do think that if a person is racist it would not matter if they were colorblind. They would simply find another way to determine who was inferior in their thinking.

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Absolutely not.
First of all, being color blind isn’t so much color blind as color confused. They see colors, just not the RIGHT ones.
Secondly, many races can easily be differentiated by the brightness of the skin or facial structure, rather than the hue. Think about it: if you were watching a black and white or sepia film, could you tell who was black, who was white, and who was Asian? Of course.

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I have to laugh. Racism is in the mind, not the eye and it has almost nothing to do with skin color.

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Surely that question was a joke.

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[Fluther Moderator:] If it wasn’t for the quality of answers here, this question would have been removed as racist/obscene. Please reconsider posting such questions in the future.

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Yes to it being an absurd question and No to being willing to play along. Shame on you.

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Can cross-eyed Teachers control their Pupils ?

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They might not be racist if people were red and green (the colors most often mixed up by the color blind) . . .

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