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What is a great, easy-use ice cube tray?

Asked by maggiesmom1 (634points) July 7th, 2007

I've had the most difficult time finding ice cube trays that are 1) a good size, 2) easy to use. With every kind I've ever bought, the ice cubes refuse to come out. I end up snapping & cracking the tray because the ice cubes will not come loose from the tray. Plus, my THUMBS are dying trying to push them out from the opposite side. Anybody know of a reasonably priced alternative?

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Check out the silicone ones-- they're soft and squishy so it's easy to just invert the tray and the cubes drop out.

I also have the rubbermaid ones, which work great (they're softer than regular trays, but not as squishy as silicone) -- you just give the tray a twist and all the cubes fall out.

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A friend has the silicone tray that makes long fingers of ice that stand up in your glass. More fun than cubes!

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I have a silicone tray that makes cube ice cubes (not elongated rectangles). It's really easy to use (you can push out individual cubes from the back). The one drawback I've had has been that my ice cubes have been tasting kinda funny, but that may be my water.

I know bed bath and beyond has a selection of trays that use silicon.

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I've abandoned ice trays for reusable plastic ice cubes. They're basically plastic cubes with water in them. You freeze them, then use them like ice cubes. They don't dilute your drink and to me it seems like they last longer. Sample cubes on amazon

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