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How did they get the cable on top of the golden gate it would be a suspention bridge, please.?

Asked by kimmielittleone (68points) June 17th, 2008

I’m sorry, I don’t have details. It would seem….well…I mean…there was no place to stand kinda…ya know.?

Thank Y/you

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Kimmie, You might find some useful information here about how suspension bridges in general are constructed (the GG bridge is a typical suspension bridge). Basically, they built the towers first, then strung the cables over the towers.

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You set the anchors on each side of the bridge first, then build pylons on which the towers are built. Then you string the cables from the anchors over the towers, and build the suspension part from there.

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Thank Y/you..sorry I’m deaf kinda and spell the way I hear words.

@Shilolo…cool pictures there too…again… Thank Y/you

@SoundedFury…That’s xactly what I learned…Thank Y/you

“Common Pictures”, are the ones I can share.?

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Fun question, Kimmie. I don’t have anything technical to add… but I just happened to be crossing the Golden Gate bridge tonight on my way home to Marin, just north of SF.

I can’t believe the bridge was built smack middle in the Great Depression, 1933–37. And I marvel at its beauty.

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Hiyas TrustingLife,

I used to get to go across it, lotsa times. I lived in California and stayed in places like Benica. Mr. Belli, used to be a famous lawyer in San Francisco. I gave Him my gold Special Olympics medal, before He went to Heaven.

I love lookin’ at the bridge at night and when fog makes it look like it’s laying on top of Dragon’s breath.

My brother told me another thinggie to marvel at:...“The project was finished by April 1937, $1.3 million under budget”...It was done on time AND under budget. “Nothing, gets finished ON TIME or UNDER budget…now”, he says.

Thank Y/you soOo much for Y/your cool link and comment. I have another GGB question, coming soon. Please watch for it..kaysyes.? ( I am trying to see if I can find out answer..really fast. OR, if I have a GREAT Q. ~smiles~


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Uh don’t know! Maybe check out you might find your answer there.

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