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Why should my Skype connection be fast outgoing and slow incoming.

Asked by flutherother (26923points) July 2nd, 2013

When I use Skype long distance I can be seen and heard clearly but the other person is broken up in sound and vision at my end. Why is this? Can the connection be slow in only one direction?

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There’s many different variables that come into play. Is there wireless internet? What kind of internet are both of you using? What is your network card set to, full duplex? It really depends.

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Upload speeds are typically a fraction of download speeds. So, you are likely dealing with poor upload speeds for the friends you are chatting with. Is this typical with everyone you communicate with?

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I use wireless Internet which is pretty fast. I’ve no idea about duplex. I thought the connection should be equally fast both ways?

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@tom_g No I don’t use Skype much but I’ve never noticed this before.

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Using Wireless, you’re going to see not as solid downloads / uploads, just because it has time to transfer wireless-ly. Also, @tom_g has a point, the other persons end might not have good enough upload speeds. On top of that they might be going wireless too. I’d say for a really great Skype call you will need. A broad band connection, hard line into the router or modem & relatively decent computer.

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Thanks everyone. I just spoke with my son on Skype and it worked perfectly but he is only a few miles away. The international call I tried to make must have a slower connection speed.

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