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What are the specifics on the E Cig market place?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) July 2nd, 2013

Is this hazardous? Is the worst part an addiction? Are there any longterm health effects from tobacco oils? Is the FDA regulating these devices?

What do you know about this? Please share. Especially emerging reputable companies.

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I don’t think there’s been any kind of long term study on the stuff, yet. Not that I’ve ever seen. The FDA, currently, isn’t regulating them.

I’ve been using them since December ‘12 and haven’t suffered in any way as yet. I’ve given up smoking, though. I only use the eCig for something to do. I’m down to 0 nicotine in the juice. If you get nicotine, though, then you get the same health problems associated with that (blood pressure, etc) just without the smoke.

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I’ve questioned this myself. It’s not tobacco oils though. Its vegetable glycerol, propylene glycerol,sometimes nicotine extract (I guess this technically could be considered tobacco oil) and flavoring. It’s always said to be healthy and I suppose it is healthier than actually burning another compound but I’m still not convinced these compounds are entirely safe to be inhaling.

I found out I’m actually pretty allergic to propylene glycerol, had a pretty shitty reaction when I tried e-cigs. My throat got really itchy and my chest was tight as if I’d just smoked 2 packs in the span of a couple hours

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It has probably lessened the risk of house fires as well as forest fires. Life savers right there.

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I wonder if anyone else has thought that thought, woodcutter….kudos

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I think the safest thing to say would be that they aren’t healthy, but they’re probably healthier than smoking cigarettes.

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There is supposedly nothing wrong with E-Cigs, just that some major companies like Ultralite and BLU have been reported to still contain tobaco

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