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The certificate to conect to this website is invalid, would you like to conect to the website?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I got something like that on many pages, I hadn’t that before, it was soñe I synced my iPod on the laptop, anyone have idea of what is going on?

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It hardly seems logical that the Ipod syncing had anything to do with it. Unless it’s infected by a virus. The Ipod is a popular device to spread viruses because it usually auto detects connection and starts syncing on it’s own. Hacker heaven.

Possibility 1
The virus jumps into action when you connect an infected iPod video to a machine running Windows that is set to automatically run iPod applications when it detects a connected iPod. So the easiest way to make sure your PC doesn’t get infected is simply to disable the autorun/autoplay capabilities in your iTunes interface. And since you might be infected, any virusscanner would pick up on it, so scan your PC and Ipod.

Possibility 2

Somehow your security settings became higher than usual, maybe a background update from your browser or OS. Try to dig around in both the browser and OS security panels, until you can set a normal level of security.

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