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Do you ever use the "I Feel Lucky" button on Google?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) June 18th, 2008

why? and does it work for you most of the time? benefits other than rate at which you get to the page you want to go?

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I do sometimes, but I read an article on the Washington Post site that the only reason it’s still there is because people said the page looked empty without the button there. I see older people use it because they never remember URLs and alway google the site they want and then choose it from the results, the really cluey ones use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button!

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I use it whenever I type something in Fire Fox’s address bar.
if you didn’t know the address bar will take you to Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky page when you type keywords in it and hit enter!

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The only time ever really used it was last year (I think) when I heard that if you typed in “Failure” or “Miserable Failure” and clicked “I’m feeling lucky” that George Bush’s Whitehouse page would come up. And it did! Nice.

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I’ve used it once or twice, not very much, usually if i know what i want i will just type it into the address bar or just go through the google search bar in firefox; otherwise i don’t use it.

but the time back when i did is when there was no google search bar built into IE, and i felt like i was lucky so i tried the thing out :)

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No, I guess I’m never feeling lucky enough.

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I do it just for fun. Viva serendipity!

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Type in chuck norris and hit “Im feelin lucky” it gives a funny answer.

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When I was in fifth grade my dad told me that the “I’m feeling lucky’ button was for gambling, and that I shouldn’t ever click it. (I don’t think he was trying to trick me, he actually though that. Someone else probably told him that as a joke.) It wasn’t until three years later that I first tried it.

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I have once or twice, but I think that it is much more reliable to have a whole heap of sites pop up to choose from. It gives more of an option.

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Is there a treatise or explanation anywhere of what happens when you click on it? I guess I’ve been chicken. I never tried it.

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it takes you to the first link that would show up normally.

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@XCNuse Oh, is that all? Thanks.

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@Marina… ~ (?)

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@Knotmyday Well, I didn’t want XCNuse to think I was being sarcastic to him or her, because I did genuinely appreciate the information. But to Google, sure, all tilde all the time.

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