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I need to hire an IT company, what should I look for?

Asked by theredsarecoming (12points) June 18th, 2008

I own a small business and am sick of troubleshooting all of the PC’s in my office on my own. What should I look for when hiring an IT company? I’m in Maryland by the way.

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make sure you get one that lets you buy blocks of time if you can afford it..this way you just call them up and they should respond faster. plus you don’t have to deal with an invoice each time.

if you have some projects that you’d like to do in the future, ask them about those projects to make sure they can handle them.

ask around…check with other small business owners or your chamber of commerce to see who people are using and who they like.

see if they have response time guarantee if you have mission-critical systems.

talk to a few different ones and meet with their reps in person. get a feel for the company through the reps. if they hired the right person they should represent the staff. if they seem phony, then they may be hiding something.

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In addition to ccatrons excellent recommendations. Be sure that the company you hire employs technicians who understand the impact of the changes they make on your business. I’ve heard horror stories of “the neighbor’s kid” who are great with computers working on business PC’s and not having one clue about the impact changes they make will have on business function.

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Its so easy to be taken advantage of in this day in age. Computer technicians can be just like auto mechanics, they think you don’t know anything about the computer and some independent businesses can take you to the cleaners for just uninstalling a few programs or setting up a printer. Just be upfront with whom ever you pick and don’t give them the idea that you are clueless about computers. Just be careful.

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