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Do you run windows on your Intel Mac?

Asked by pattyb (786points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Is it buggy,, regrets? , problems?, issues?

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Works amazingly well on my MBP with 4GB of ram (current gen).

I run XP for some programs that don’t support Mac OS X and I love it!

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haven’t done it yet, maybe i will if i want to play Team Fortress 2, i mean, it’s only for the games

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Good question seeing as it’s one that’s on my mind for when I go to uni. I’ve been told that Macs are very good hardware wise and seeing as I like to game and develop in Windows I would like to install Windows on a MB and from what koesac has said it seems somewhat feasible.

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Yes. One of my sons uses the “dark side” for some school work, and my wife use Windows to watch stuff on Netflix. I’ve also installed a few games that aren’t available for the Mac. It runs pretty well, and looks much better than its work counter-part.

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Through Parallels. Works great.

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Yep installed fine (both XP and Vista) and ran great. No more buggy than on a normal PC. Ran games on it easily. Besides one of the PC magazines (cant remember which one) voted the MB Pro the best Vista laptop. so there you go.

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Ooh, in that case I must look at getting a MBP then, even though they are rather expensive sadly :(

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Heck yeah!

I use Parallels on my MacBook Pro, Boot Camp on my Intel iMac, and I run a number of Windows apps under Crossover Mac (and Crossover Games) to good effect.

I have dabbled with VMWare mac and VirtualBox, but did not settle for either of those.

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I have been running VMware Fusion on my MB. I only use windows to power the netflix online movie client – until they produce the mac client.

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