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I have a friend in Ghana who wants to sell his art online, but doesn't have a server or much money. What is the best way for him to display his work and update his site frequently?

Asked by tam (5points) June 18th, 2008
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^ my answer as well.

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etsy is a good idea but the seller has to have a valid credit card, which i don’t think my friend has.

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Sounds like he’s SOL. Some enterprises require a minimum level of resources. Can he get a PayPal account without a credit card?

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I know everyone hates MySpace but I have found some incredible artists on there (one of which I have been in contact with and am buying something from). They have all sorts of ideas on how they sell their art on their pages. Most are always very friendly and helpful. Best of all…IT’S FREE!!! Good luck!

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It won’t bring in big bucks, but if he/she is looking to showcase their work, then deviantART is another option.

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