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How old do you have to be to purchase automotive oil at Walmart?

Asked by CarQuestions (9points) July 5th, 2013

I just got a car and I need to change the oil. I have to purchase a five quart jug of 5W-30, but I am only 15. Is there an age requirement at Walmart on automotive oil?

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As long as you are not driving the car (illegally since you are underage) into the Walmart store, you can buy the oil.

You can also pump gas into a portable jerry can at a gas station at 15, if you are a passenger, on foot or on a bike.

Or, perhaps, there are some states where you can drive at 15?

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There are no age restrictions on the purchase of oil.

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Welcome to Fluther.

As those fine ladies ahead of me have already said, I do not believe there are any age restrictions in the USA regarding the purchase of automotive oil in “regular” quantities (say, a case or so).

If you’re going to try to purchase a truckload of oil, then there may be questions raised as to your capability to contract for so much delivery – and you’d probably be refused in that case – but for your own private needs, no problem.

As a general guideline, don’t expect restrictions. This is, after all, a nominally “free” nation; expect to be able to act freely, and be surprised and indignant when you can’t.

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Make sure you also get a container to capture the old engine oil so you can properly dispose of it. You will need a oil filter wrench, maybe a funnel and definitely rags, lots of rags. You are gonna get dirty doing this but that is part of it, isn’t it. Don’t let that oil stay on your skin clean it all off right away. I have heard of guys using gloves to keep hands clean but I never have bothered with those. You will have stuff pretty much everywhere on yourself and maybe even in your hair too. Do it a few times to know what to do, but really the oil change places can do it pretty cheap almost as cheap as you can doing it yourself. Just check their work for piece of mind. Tip: they will all tell you your old oil was about a quart low when you bring it in. They are probably being intentionally misleading there. So you check it yourself first just to keep it real.

Have fun and be safe. Use approved supports to do this so the car is stable when you are under it. Even then, don’t linger under there and pay attention to what you are doing.

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Depending on who did the last oil change, you may need to borrow an air wrench to get the plug out of the oil pan. But if you put it back on with a box end wrench it should come off fairly easily next time.

When I get my tires rotated, I make sure the mechanic tightens the lugs by hand so the I can get them off by myself if I have to change a flat tire.

There are some states that let you drive at 15. You should have no problem buying oil or any other vehicle parts. Many high school vocational tech programs have auto mechanics as part of the curriculum.

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Old enough to carry it to the counter.

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You are old enough. Just don’t be driving the car until you get your license, but you know that right ;)

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@gailcalled: Legally licensed or not, I hope no one drives their ”…car into the Walmart store.”

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@hearkat some of them have service bays.

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