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I am looking to buy a new bike. I have no garage, can I leave it outside? Are all bikes weather-resistant?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) June 18th, 2008
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Considering many bikes are used to ride in all sorts of conditions they just don’t last. If there’s a chip in the paint the frame can begin to rust, the nuts and bolts tend to begin rusting and if you don’t maintain it properly the chain can begin to rust to. I’ve seen it happen to a number of my bikes. I guess it does depend entirely on how well made the bike is and the metals/alloys it is made of :)

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Buy some kind of cover, to protect your investment and for the bike, the new puma bikes are a good option

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Any “bike” (bicycle, unicycle, tricycle, motorcycle, motor scooter, carbon fiber superdillyicious alloy tri-bike, et cetera) will need to be properly stored away from the elements if you want it to last more than a single season.

And if you’re caught out in the rain/mud/whatever, your best bet will be to wipe down the “bike” when you get home to stop the corrosive effects of whatever sludge has built up.

Keep it clean. Keep it dry.

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You can buy a folding bike and take the bike indoors with you then you don’t have to worry about the weather or it being stolen.

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To add a bit to the above, the closer you are to salt water, the faster the rot.

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Get a Cover.
There a lot of different ones. I just liked the picture on this page :^)

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Get a cover at least. I let me ‘98 VTR100 under a carport in FLwith no cover and the paint started to fade petty fast.

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There’s no way you can leave it inside? You can’t get a ceiling hook and store it up high?

It’s really bad to leave a bike outside. It won’t stay in good condition very long…

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I would never leave a bike outside. Even with a cover. There is a risk of it being stolen (people get used to seeing it out). Do you have a yard? You could put it in a little shed or something…..
If I were you, I would find a place to keep it indoors. In a closet, in a nook in the hallway, hanging on the wall….whatever. You have to love them for them to last!

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I would recommend a folding bike. link

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I live in Florida, and I have to leave my bike outside my apartment. Meaning, the chain was rusted within a month of it being outside. Most of the bike seems to be fairing well in the rain… but the chain got bad really fast. I do suggest covering it.

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I can recommend you to buy electric bike of which you can avoid difficulties with the weather conditions because you have no garage to park it. Generally electric bikes are plug in electric vehicles with two wheels powered by electricity. Here the rechargable battery is available to store the electricity.Which drives one or more electric motors. You can have a question that how should it can charge without garage. Some of the companies have designed their machines to allow quick battery swapping. Hence the electric bikes cost too low .And the another most thing is it is a weather resistant.

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