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In your home, do you keep a supply of shampoo, toothpaste, soap and other toiletries (other than what you're currently using), and if so, how much extra do you have on hand, approximately?

Asked by jca (36010points) July 7th, 2013

I am a “soap junkie” and if there’s nice soap in an unusual scent at a good price, I have a hard time resisting the purchase. I also get a supply of travel size toothpaste and free toothbrushes thru my job so I have a supply of those as well. If a nice shampoo is on sale, I will purchase it to have it in my supply.

Well, yesterday I stayed home and organized all this stuff and realized I have a huge surplus on hand. Luckily I have room to store it all so it’s not like I’m looking to give it away or throw it out. However, if financial hardship should ever occur, I am set in the “health and beauty aides” department for at least a while.

Do you purchase or obtain extra toiletries to keep on hand at home and if so, how much extra do you have at any one time?

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Nope, I buy as I need.

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No; but I’d love to have room to do what you’re doing. lol

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I used to. I make my own toothpaste and mouthwash now. My teeth have never felt cleaner. So I have a cup of that and everything I need to make more.

As to shampoos and soaps. On occasion I will buy some. But I hate not having a good place to store it. As well as that I’d like to find recipes I liked to make my own so I rarely hoard these days.

Becoming a hoarder is a big fear of mine for several reasons. So I try to be objective.

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Hi, my name is @glacial, and I am a soap hoarder.

Ok, not really, but I have strong preferences for certain brands, and have found that it makes sense to buy in bulk because neither my favourite soap nor my favourite shampoo are sold in my city. So I have maybe 35 bottles of shampoo tucked away in a closet, and about 8 bars of soap (supplies are waning, and I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m travelling).

But yeah, if this trend continues, I’ll have to consider who I should leave this kind of thing to in my will. :)

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@glacial Haha. My grandmother had a ton. So many products were brands that had disappeared years/decades ago. I found one or two I liked and were still effective. It was sort of fun like viewing history. But her entire house full of various collections in different stages of decline.

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I keep one multi-bar pack of soap and one unopened guest toothbrush. I also have a few travel sizes of various soaps and shampoos.

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Yea, particularly shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (from the Dollar Tree) as well as scented liquid hand soaps (from Bath & Body).

We keep about five of each in my bathroom closet.

Similarly, my back hall storage shelf has multiples of toilet paper, paper towels, aluminum foil, cling wrap, zip-lock bags, cleaning supplies, etc. I tend to buy this stuff in bulk.

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I keep a stock of toiletry items because I hate running out of stuff. I try to stock up with bulk purchasing or when things are on sale. I am sensitive to fragrances and some preservatives, so I stay loyal to items once I find things that I like. I try to always have one spare of everything, and will get several if they are small packages that don’t last long. I try to be cautious not to overstock and run the risk of things expiring before they are used up, though.

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I have about a months worth of food and and few weeks of water tucked away since I live in a place earthquakes are likely.

I can’t say that I have ever though about hoarding soap.

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I only keep enough day to day stuff to keep me going, once in a while I buy three tubes of toothpaste because it goes so quickly.

But I travel a lot for work, so I have a whole bunch of hotel soaps and shampoos.

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I do the same as you, @jca, keep extra toiletries of all kinds on hand, especially soap, the more expensive brands of which I tend to buy. I think I have like 10 bars of it in my spare bathroom. I also have lots of travel samples of toothpaste and shampoo, which Ikeep stored in a large airtight container.

I can’t keep extra peanuts on hand, though, ‘cause if I know I have them, I eat them.

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Apart from my much mentioned hotel toiletries collection habit, I don’t buy much more than I need. I’ll keep spares on hand for each bathroom, but that’s all.

I have a friend who regularly buys me lovely soap for birthdays and Christmas, so I tend to use those for hand soaps in the bathrooms. I’m very rarely tempted to buy special soaps. I use liquid and very gentle washes in the shower.

Any I’m very cautious about shampoos because they can really disrupt my scalp.

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I used to, but I have stopped. I can’t stand having so much stuff, and I have a ton of stuff. Not just soaps, I mean stuff in general. Cosmetics, lotions, coupons, all sorts of things that pile up. Now, I try to never have more than one extra set of shampoo and conditioner. I sometimes have a back-up soap. I just returned from vacation so I have extra mini shampoos and lotions from hotels. I used to save them for when people would visit, but now I use most of them right away, maybe saving one set until the next time I travel. A while back I took my many many hotels shampoos and conditioners and just used those for a few weeks and got rid of them. I must have saved $10 or more using those up.

I don’t like when people buy me soaps or lotions. Some things I am allergic to. Sometimes I don’t like the scent. Plus, I don’t want the extra stuff.

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I stock up on lotion because I only use Honey Beez and it’s more economical to buy in bulk. I also like to have extra jars to give as gifts.

Other toiletries, I don’t really hoard. I’ll buy an extra toothpaste or mouthwash if it’s BOGO, but that’s about it. But I do buy toilet paper two huge packs at a time because that’s not something I ever want to risk running out of…

I just discovered how amazing regular old baking soda is as a face scrub, and now I will never waste my money on acne scrubs ever again!

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I collect shampoos and conditioners like they are going out of fashion. I always take my own shampoo/conditioner when I stay in a hotel but I will always take the little bottles that they provide home with me, same with soap and moisturiser. I then use them if I run out of my own but seeing as that’s rare (I usually buy more before I run out) I have a cupboard full!!

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Always have extra Toilet Paper. It is the one thing I hate to be without. I buy the big 36 pk.
And tissue paper. It just takes one bad cold to wipe out several boxes in one week.
My husband use to collect a lot of the extra shampoos, and things. I realized it is a guarantee that you will run out because you will use the last bottles and think there is more. It is easier to keep on top of things you are running low if you know to look for it weekly.
I do have some small guest shampoos and soaps for company, and a cheap package of 5 toothbrush for last minute guests.

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