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What would the Aliens in Independence Day have done if Humanity did not have Satellites in Orbit?

Asked by ragingloli (46757points) July 8th, 2013

So the tentaclebros apparently used the humans’ own satellites to coordinate their attack. What would they have done if humans did not have satellites?
Would the aliens have deployed their own satellites?
And if so, why did they not use their own satellites to begin with, to avoid the risk of their signal being detected by the human scum?

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It took you 17yrs to dream up this crap theory…genuinely sad on an epic scale.

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I cannot imagine that an alien civilization that was advanced enough to build spaceships and laser weapons would not have been advanced enough to have their own communications system. So they would have used their own.

I think the SETI stuff at the beginning of the movie was a big red herring. It really was not necessary for the aliens to use our satellites —I think it was a plot device to get the audience interested, but was not really technically necessary.

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They would have coordinated it via face book.

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@ucme You never cease to crack me up.
And…... Holy shit I can’t believe that movie is that old!

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I can’t believe he’s not still The Fresh Prince!

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Nothing, because humanity wouldn’t be much of threat… basic ground troops can deal with pockets of resistance while the alien’s striped the planet like a hungry Galactus.

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But THEY didn’t have The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire!

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Innnnnn West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…....

I love me some Will Smith!

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Pretty pathetic aliens. They are a predatory species only set up to invade class M planets orbiting Class G2V main sequence yellow-dwarf stars, inhabited by intelligent life that’s just advanced enough to be able to launch a network of satellites but no more advanced than that. And after finding just the right spot for harvesting, they failed to prevent the puny humans from penetrating the perimeter of their mother ship and utterly foiling their evil plot. I’d say they were easy to take out because, given their foraging habits, they hadn’t eaten in a VERY, VERY long time.

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