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Shoppers: Is there a difference in quality between low-priced Venetian mini blinds and more expensive ones?

Asked by jca (36043points) July 8th, 2013

Other than having a larger variety of styles and colors to choose from, is there a difference in quality between a basic Venetian mini blind and a more expensive Venetian mini blind (I am referring to perhaps, one from Walmart vs. one from Sears or a better blind retailer)?

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I have found the cheap ones are just fine if you can get the color you want.

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If you are not going to be constantly opening and closing them, the cheap ones should work as well as the more expensive ones.

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There can be. Some of the differences can be the materials used, plastic vs. metal. Also, cheap blinds tend to not block out light as well. I only use the very cheapy ones in my bathrooms where I don’t disturb them much, and don’t care about total black out.

The less expensive faux wood you can buy at Home Depot look beautiful, and they will cut them right there to size are very good in my opinion. It is a larger slat. I think 2 inches. They are more expensive than a cheap venetian blind.

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I don’t know about mini blinds, but experience has taught me that while a lower price can get you a product of acceptable (if not optimal) quality, it too often doesn’t. I think it’s better to pay a bit more and get a product with higher manufacturing quality, especially a household item like mini blinds that could be used a lot.

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More expensive ones might come with features to keep them from going crooked when you move them up and down.

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