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To Words With Friends players: How many games do you have playing at a time?

Asked by filmfann (49324points) July 8th, 2013

It seems a long wait between moves when you have just one game going, but I can see having several games going can be confusing.

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I usually average between 5 and 10. I had 15 going once. It was too many. lol

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I like to sit down and play a game. The idea that you can wait a day or two for someone to move makes it too much like playing chess by mail. It’s not like I am deeply strategizing my next play.

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When I played I’d have anywhere from 5–15 or whatever the limit was. Like you I’d rather just play one game but most of my friends would leave it for a day or two before getting back so I’d start another with someone else in the mean time.

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2 or 3. I used to play more, but I decided it was using up too many CPU cycles in the noggin.

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5–10 at a time, usually.

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Like @JLeslie, usually 2–5.

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2–3. I have way more Scramble and Gems going than that. Words requires a bit more strategy and thought.

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…and Scramble and Gems give me something to do while I wait for Words plays.

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Right now I think I have 10 or 12. I have not been playing as often, which I’m sure is irritating the people with whom I play. I have a couple who clcik the reminder button after 12 hours.

Good reminder that I need to go get my games caught up!

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About 8, I guess.

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@tedibear Is there really anything more annoying than getting “nudged” every 5 minutes?

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