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Is a plum basically a gigantic grape?

Asked by jballou (2113points) June 18th, 2008
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No. They’re in two different botanical families. Their flavor is different. One grows on a tree, the other on a vine.

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This is my favorite question ever on fluther. Mostly because it makes no sense and only requires a 2 letter answer: “no.”

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no, it’s a plum. Duh for you

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If so, that would make a prune a gigantic raisin. They can grow in the same climate, though.

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Sorry it didn’t make sense the way I phrased it, I just noticed they had some similar qualities. I know tangerines and clementines and oranges are all related, so why couldn’t grapes and plums be related as well? It’s not totally outside the realm of possibility, especially since I just recently found out that tomatoes are technically berries. Go figure.

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Plums are in the Plum family. So are apricots, peaches, and nectarines. Grapes are in the Grape family.
Here’s a nice boring site full of useful information.

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Is a grape basically a really small plum??

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So cherries are in the plum family! Crazy. I wasn’t that off base after all. Instead of a plum being a giant grape, it’s a giant cherry. Thanks for that site, very interesting stuff. Who knew Almonds were in the plum family?

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