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Does the use of hyperbole annoy you as much as it does me?

Asked by jballou (2113points) June 18th, 2008

As Dane Cook once said “1,00 firefighters would be way too many firefighters”

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Dane Cook annoys me.

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I hate hyperbole more than anything else in the whole world.

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Hyperbole is the very worst sin in the world of language.~

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Is that the sarcasm punctuation I see? Nice

p.s. Dane Cook annoys me as well, I just thought that particular quote was appropriate. I can’t deny him that.

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I die a thousand agonizing deaths any time even a hint of hyperbole makes the slightest vibration in my inner ear.

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I user hyperboles more than anything else.

As in, “It took you a million years to get here”
or, “I ran a billion miles”

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I thought you said “hypermile” and got all excited.
My heart was going a million miles a minute.


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I do all the advertising and graphic design for a local farm. Hyperbole is my life. Hyperbole = Paycheck

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This thread has made me laugh more than any thread I’ve
ever encountered, bar none, anywhere, any time, involving
any human or other types of being. I can’t find the words to
say how wonderful a time I’ve been having. I really can’t.

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