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Did you watch Michelle Obama on The View today?

Asked by stephenphl (48points) June 18th, 2008

I watched it and think it really helped her public image. The media has been a little rough on her lately. Did you watch it? What do you think?

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No. If I watched the view, all I could think about was this.

Referring to the Family Guy parody. I couldn’t find the link

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i didn’t watch it. but now that you mentioned it, i will probably watch it online later on tonight.

would be my first time watching that show. should be interesting

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@ stephen – thanks for the link! i just finished watching it. after watching this episode, i can confidently say that i would not watch that show normally. i feel like its a cat fight waiting to happen. oh…and the hosts are boring. that said, i do think that michelle’s being on the show will help her image.

ps – am now watching obama’s speech that he gave on father’s day

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@PNL: haha, that show can get catty. i don’t normally watch it, but sometimes if there’s a guest i want to see i turn it on. i happened to be watching this day: – crazzy…. Rosie left shortly thereafter.

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whoa. it’s really pathetic that the directors did not cut to commercial because they knew the cat fight would bring publicity and higher tv ratings.

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