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Boring question #68: Who would win these dating/relationship smack downs?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26806points) July 15th, 2013

If you had a muscular, broke, CK model handsome, man with the intelligence of a gerbil vs. a short, unattractive man with a nine figure income, who would get more dates or have more and longer relationship out of the two of them?

If you have a slender, attractive woman who is an airhead vs. an obese, plain woman who is a member of MENSA, and has an eight figure income, who would get more dates, bedroom time, and relationships of the two?

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MIlo here: I’d date the gerbil any time. If he gets too boring, I can always eat him.

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The airheads will get more dates, but people will stick to the money long-term… until it runs out of course.

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Does the short, unattractive man also have the intelligence of a gerbil, ‘cause you didn’t specify? Why is the short man necessarily unattractive? Here’s One Guy who fits your description, that I think is pretty darned cute. And this other Shorty is pretty fine too.

Why is the obese woman necessarily plain? What does plain mean? Oprah is a pretty big gal and I think she’s beautiful and she also has a huge income. Same for Queen Latifah. Melissa McCarthy is pretty cute too. All big, beautiful, intelligent and funny rich women. You also didn’t mention if the slender woman had a lot of money or if she was broke.

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I’ll take the cash option. I don’t care which gender either. Just let me be their gigolo (or gigolette or whatever you call it when it’s a woman)

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@keobooks Hee Hee gigolette. I like that : )

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Questions are a little sloppy lately.

@Kardamom you got it in one…

Personally I pick being single. But then again there are always other options.

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For me it would come down to who is the nicest person first and then intelligence. The money and the looks don’t mean a thing if the person if a first class douche bag. So if mr. Money bags is a douche and the dumb guy is sweet, then I would choose the dumb guy. Or if mr. money bags is sweet and mr good looking air head is a douche then I would pick mr money bag.

If both are sweet then I would go for smart mr money bags.

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<<<wants to win a date with Milo.

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^^^ Milo here:If you have an eight-figure income, let me know and I’ll pencil you in on my dance card.

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I’m taking the smart, nice guy. Looks and money mean nothing without intelligence and compassion.

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No one mentioned if any of these people are open to vegetarianism or live near me. Those would probably be factors in my decision too, along with being nice, oh and they would have to like cats and dogs.

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@Kardamom : WIth an 8 figure salary, the schmucky looking ones could build a house next door to you—or pay all your moving expenses to their private island. And if they eat meat… well .. moolah moolah moolah….MONEY… are you daft?

Too late though, I am taking the man and my husband is taking the woman. We are running off with all their cash.

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@keobooks I don’t mind if they eat meat, I just don’t want them complaining to me that I don’t eat meat or won’t cook it for them.

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^^ 8 figure income or more… really think anyone will cook in that house? Private chef…does that sound plausible….pri-vate chef; you won’t have to make him a sandwich.

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@Hypocrisy_Central You must know that I love to cook. I wouldn’t dream of having a private chef, although I would probably like to dine out more often than I do now : )

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